November 30, 2023

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An exceptional Christmas gift worth €250 – who will get it?

An exceptional Christmas gift worth €250 – who will get it?

exceptional “Birthday gift» The government plans to pay this year to the economically weakest families at the end of 2023, in roughly the same “pattern” as last year. Accuracy check.

Exceptional allowance 250 euros Last year before Christmas about a million pensioners, 174,000 beneficiaries of disability allowance OPCAPlus 36,000 uninsured seniors.

For this year, emergency assistance of €250 is being considered for:

  • 800,000 families with children
  • 205,000 beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum income
  • 182,000 people with disabilities
  • 100,000 long-term unemployed (unsupported)

What will finally be decided, if the necessary financial space is available to pay the bonus, is whether it will also include those with low pensions, regardless of whether they receive the bonus or not. Instead of personal differences.

It is reported that pensioners with a personal difference of up to 1,600 euros and a personal difference of more than 10 euros will receive a personal difference allowance. The allowance is divided into three categories according to the amount of the pension, which is 100 euros for the total of the main pensions from 1,100 to 1,600 euros, 150 euros for the total of the main pensions from 700 to 1,100 euros, and 200 euros for the total of the main pensions up to 700 euros.

New accuracy verification standards

As for her Accuracy check Which the government is considering giving to vulnerable people, this amount is expected to reach €250 and will mainly concern the long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, families with children who receive family allowance, as well as those receiving a guaranteed minimum income. monthly basis.

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If it is decided to grant it to low pensioners as well, the criteria will be the same as in previous years, specifically it will include approximately 1,200,000 beneficiaries with a monthly pension of up to 800 euros for individuals and an annual individual income. An annual family income of up to 9,600 euros and up to 16,800 euros for married couples, and the average pension for each spouse is 700 euros.

The maximum value of the property is €300,000 objective value.

For the 100,000 long-term unemployed (unsupported) and unemployment registered in the OAED from 12 to 24 months, the last time they received emergency assistance of €250, the following income criteria are set: up to €9,600 for individuals and up To 16,800 euros for married couples.

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