April 18, 2024

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Androlakis’ “magical aid” to Mitsotakis and the rolling ones, Theocharakis-Sfagianakis sale of debts, Koutsoliutsos punishment, and the Cretans in China

Androlakis’ “magical aid” to Mitsotakis and the rolling ones, Theocharakis-Sfagianakis sale of debts, Koutsoliutsos punishment, and the Cretans in China

helloI repeat boringly that we are talking about something much more A mild climate election In the last decades, everyone seems to have decided … one can easily see from his role, his position in the parties, his environment. The world is not so burning Regarding polls, this is not even a hot topic of discussion. This seems logical to me, since climate politics doesn’t smell like change.

Androlakis insists “neither.”

– Meanwhile, there PASOK Maybe they decided they didn’t even want to think they could get into government, even if Beans got out in the first round. With ND showing at 36% and PASOK at 10%-11%, they may even reach a weak figure of 150-153 MPs. How else can one explain that PASOK is the leader of the state and responsible for strategic planning Doudonis Even yesterday he insisted “no Mitsotakis” because “both Tsipras” is no longer rhetorical. It seems clear to me now “Precise Help” Androulakis to Mitsotakis The golden goal of self-confidence In the second ballot box. On the other hand, there are personal, chemistry that people say doesn’t fit. Respectful, but at least both of them say it clearly so we don’t get confused. This government will not…

What are Galatas showing now?

– By, The Survey studies Now in the last 15 days they take the form of rolling polls and you read one almost every day with “secret messages” “galatas from embassies” and other nonsense you wouldn’t expect (Antonaros type meter). The picture is very clear, H SW Over 35% appears, oh Syriza No more than 28%, but the pollsters (combined) have decided to give him a little more air so that he doesn’t lose two or three points, and then … listen to who. The PASOK It goes in and out at 10%. Sta Varufaki Things didn’t go as well as the previous two weeks, and Demeter’s stupidity scared the people away. Velopulo There is a panic after complaints from his representatives. Voters have yet to decide where to send it Cassidiaries vote His voters are confused and don’t know where to turn.

Awaiting news from MSCI and Wood

– An interesting week has started for the market, with “imported” developments. We have Road show tis tree It takes place on Thursday and Friday in Athens (May 11 and 12) and has gathered a lot of interest with many listed companies announcing their participation. But the most important thing is what we expect on Thursday night Restructuring of MSCI IndicesFocus is on whether or not Piraeus will participate in the main Greek index of bank shares.

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Loans to Sfakianakis and Theocharakis changed hands

-Dynamic management of commercial loan portfolio Alpha Bank, the facts have changed drastically with the increase in interest rates. Alpha Bank announced on Friday TERMINATION OF THE HERMES TRANSACTION, with a total book value of 650 million euros. A complex transaction of non-performing loans of large and small and medium-sized companies, which improves the bank’s regulatory capital by more than 10 points, one sub-portfolio goes to Line and the other to Davidson Kempner. This particular transaction included, inter alia, more Credits to NI are Theosarakis and Sfakianakis. I don’t know how much are the specific loans of Alpha Bank, but N.I. Theosarakis owes a total of 120 million to the banks and the total debt to Sfakianakis reaches 300 million, with Piraeus, National and Eurobank providing the rest. Value it. We have seen this same scheme before, e.g. All banks sold Manesis loans except Alpha Bank when they sold them to HIG or Piraeus in the case of EuroMedica.

4 years imprisonment for Dimitris and Georges Kotzolitsos

-with Four years old (Each) pointed to their court on Friday Dimitris And George (aka George) Gutsoliutso and Folli Follie executive D. Begieti for defying a Capital Markets Commission audit. A sentence issued by a Capital Market Commission summons is suspensive pending the decision of the appeal. A fine of 30,000 euros. For the record, note that this is the heaviest sentence imposed to date for this particular crime.

279 million reward for informer!

– As we are in the Capital Markets Authority’s territorial waters, the FT informs us that because false and inappropriate comparisons are often made, the column notes. US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on Friday The biggest reward in its history gave to an informant And it’s 279 million dollars! The SEC did not disclose the identity or the case of the $279 million awarded, an amount more than double the previous maximum reward. S.E.C Rewards informants If the case exceeds $1 million, the award will range from 10% to 30% of the fine imposed. Note that this only happens in the US, which has adopted strict stock market protection laws Mafia He laundered his Prohibition-era earnings on the NYSE. Capital market law in Europe is very lenient because they don’t have to deal with the mafia.

Bids for BOAK today, who “attacks” the project, construction alliances

Now that the deadline for submitting bond offers is today, we’re back to business Great offer of the Northern Road Axis of Crete (BOAK) area. As of yesterday afternoon, no request for adjournment had been submitted, while we can expect impressive collaborations and alliances. In particular, their first alliance on major road concession projects is expected to be confirmed today ACTOR offers and Mytileneos Jointly submitting a bond offer for the largest project to be built in our country, from Kissamos Chania to Heraklion. 157 km long. It is the well-known northern road axis of Crete, A total of 1.75 billion eurosFrom 2019 till date K. Karamanlis – G. This will bring down the curtain on the country’s massive infrastructure project, worth a total of 15 billion, implemented by the Karagiannis duo. Despite the great difficulties of the project from a technical and financial point of view, all major Greek technology companies have shown strong interest. The contest will be awarded “Currently”. AVAXwas previously in talks to enter into a joint venture with French Aegis project (It participates in Egnatia Road Concession with 25% and Atigi Road with 0.04%) but GEK TERNAIt is already located in Crete, as it is building an airport in Kasteli, another major project.

What do the Cretans see in China?

-One of the few Greek companies with manufacturing operations in China for many years Crete Plastics. The The Lepidakis Brothers They have experienced first-hand all the economic cycles of the Chinese economy and their predictions about the course of this wider market now affecting the planet are of increased value. The announcement of Cretan Industries’ financial results for last year (+11% sales, -7% EBITDA) was accompanied by the first estimates for 2023, the background of which is said to be from March. Signs of recovery in China’s largest domestic market It has been lying dormant for a year. According to them, tariffs from China to the US, Australia and other countries have been drastically reduced. Plastic Crete’s factories in Shanghai and Anhui Very competitive. Overall, Lepitakis management estimates that, unless something unexpected happens again, the financial result for 2023 will be better than 2022, but will not reach the best level of two years ago.

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Frigoglass without Leventis after 10 years

He resigned Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of Frigoglass O George B. Leventis. He joined the board of directors in April 2014 and after almost 10 years with the company is not a representative of the two company families in the management. Frigoglass was founded 27 years ago but is now controlled by investment funds that own its bonds after failing to service the bonds it issued.

Dividend Stock Market

– Greek stock market Shows character and strength, Compared to the rest of Europe. This is due to high dividend expectations. Today, the Alpha Trust Announces a dividend of 0.2304 euros per share (net 0.2188 euros/unit) on May 29. There are reasonable expectations in the stock market now High dividend yield: OPAP, Mytilineos, TITAN (announcing results above market valuation on Thursday), JUMBO (now capitalized at 3 billion euros), PPA and ΟΛTH (over 1 euro/unit) and more. So the “slip frame” … might be reasonable General code (1,111 units), 4 consecutive upward sessions, all in the rest of Europe They fear recession and interest rates.

“The best” comes after the coronation

– The eyes of the entire planet turned on Saturday Coronation of the new King of the United Kingdom, It is true that the British celebrated with many parties, even if their daily lives were not festive. Thursday, Bank of England It is scheduled to announce its next monetary policy decision. The central bank is expected to raise its key rate to 4.5%. The Inflation in Britain It is the only Western European country to now have double-digit inflation, which strengthened in March.