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Six murders by Giorgos Karaivaz’s network of executioners targeted by authorities – Newsbomb – News

Six murders by Giorgos Karaivaz’s network of executioners targeted by authorities – Newsbomb – News

Police investigations focus on two specific groups of “godfathers” of the night.

theirs Six other “Death Contracts” files The murder was later opened by authorities Investigating the murder of journalist Giorgos Karaivas. According to the research, there are new data Involvement of network of implementers.

According to authentic news reports, the journalist’s executioners belonged to a network responsible for six other murders. Investigation revealed that they are absconding behind these murders Two specific groups of “godfathers” of the nightIt clashed or allied during an undeclared war The Greek Mafia.

Also estimated One of the two men arrested for the murder of Giorgos Karaivaz was in contact with some of the victims, but also with those who move and move threads at night. Police sources insist that the journalist will be executed after the two have been remanded in custody. Officials will look at the files of six cases from a new perspectiveIt remains unexplored.

What are the 6 cases connected to the network of enforcers

1. Ο «Dirty Harry»

Harris Kontogiorgis, also known as “Dirty Harry”, is a well-known boxing champion. He was murdered outside a gym in Kalatsi in December 2021 by someone who had set up a cartel for him.

His executioner is said to be one of Karaivas’ brothers arrested for his murder. The 40-year-old, who is in custody, is said to have hanged Kantoiorgis out of revenge because the boxer is believed to have contributed to the execution of the “Godfather of the Night” Michalis Kapiris.

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2. The “Collector” of New Smyrna

In December 2022, a man dressed in black walked into a cafe in New Smyrna and shot and killed a 36-year-old Albanian who was “collecting” money from shoppers for “security”.

As it later emerged from the authorities’ investigation, most of the stores in New Smyrna went into the hands of the same “godfather” who took over the stores from the Dirty Harry area.

3. “Cap”

Dimitris Kapedanakis, apart from his friendship with Giorgos Karaivas, was also a name with a tough past in the Greek mafia. He was assassinated on December 9, 2020 in Vrilici. An unknown man emptied an entire magazine of Kalashnikovs on him.

According to reports, “Gabe” refers to the end of EYP, while months before his murder he had a fierce rivalry with a certain “Godfather”. Police believe his execution is linked to the Greek mafia.

4. “Black”

Kostas Assimakopoulos, known as “Mavros” by night, is said to be the right-hand man of the well-known “Godfather”. On December 18, 2020, he was hanged by two of his framers.

In fact, he was targeted again in July 2020, but later escaped in his armored car.

The night people are said to have switched “black” sides and aligned themselves with Kapetanakis.

5. Gas station

On the morning of June 18, 2022, a gas station owner fell dead outside his shop in Caracas. He was friends with a 40-year-old man who was previously accused of being part of an extortion ring and remanded in custody for Karaivasin’s murder.

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Sources said that he had a rivalry with night people over oil smuggling and feared for his life and hired the 40-year-old as his bodyguard.

6. “Uncle Joe”

Yannis Skaftouros or “Uncle Joe” is considered one of the leading members of the Greek Mafia. His murder resembled a military operation, as it involved six men occupying the courtyard of his country house.

According to police sources, his murder was linked to the murder of a businessman in Caracas.

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