April 19, 2024

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Apple will make the transition from iPhone to Android easier by fall 2025 – iPhone

Apple will make the transition from iPhone to Android easier by fall 2025 – iPhone

Apple has announced plans to make it easier for its customers to switch to Android devices as a result of the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), which came into force this month.

In addition to support for alternative app stores, and new regulations for app developers in the European Union. And the browser selection screens on mobile devices that iOS 17.4 brings, Apple said it will also expand its data portability offerings, making it more “user-friendly” to transfer data from an iPhone to another non-Apple device, which means… smartphones.

This option isn't available yet, but Apple is committed to having it ready by fall 2025, according to the company. The announcement came in a document outlining Apple's plan to comply with the new European Union law, which aims to increase competition in the app ecosystem by requiring Apple to “loosen” its control over the App Store and the iOS operating system. Apple has so far avoided the potential financial impact of DMA on its business by adding new fees for developers who want to switch to DMA rules, despite developer backlash.

Apart from the App Store, DMA also deals with data portability. On that front, Apple's data and privacy site is being updated to allow users to export their App Store data to approved third parties, according to the document. Today, users can request to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos or download various data collected from Apple apps such as Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Wallet Activity, Mail, Safari Bookmarks, Reading List, and more. Apple says users will also be able to schedule daily downloads of App Store data for 30 days or weekly downloads for 180 days, and the data provided will be constantly updated to have the latest version available.

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Regarding the move to Android, Apple hasn't shared much about the new project other than that the feature will help other “mobile operating system providers” create better solutions for transferring data from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone. The company avoids using the term “Android” in the document, but it is clear that Google's mobile operating system would benefit the most from such a system.

In addition, another solution to export browser data to a new browser on the same device will be ready either later this year or early 2025, Apple said.

Today, Android users can use Google's iOS “Switch to Android” app to transfer important content like contacts, calendars, photos, videos, messages, and more to a new Android device. However, some less important data is still missing and users need to disable iMessage to make sure their new messages reach their Android devices. It's not yet clear whether Apple's new proposal will address these specific issues, as Apple has yet to specify what exactly it aims to improve.