October 4, 2023

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Arda: “Run to save my brother, a bear has eaten him”

Arda: “Run to save my brother, a bear has eaten him”

A 67-year-old man who was mauled by a bear in a mountain area in Arta on Monday morning (8/30) was lucky in his misfortune. The 67-year-old was walking with his dog when a bear attacked them and bit him, causing severe injuries to various parts of his body.

He was lucky because he fell in a difficult place where the wild animal could not be reached, while his mobile phone had a signal so he called his brother for help.

His 67-year-old friend, who was one of the first to rush to his rescue, gave his own account of what happened. “His brother called me from Trikala, he tells me, “Run to save my brother, a bear has eaten him”. Three people ran, we called EKAV, the police came.” Mr. to MEGA. Bourelakis said.

Volunteer rescue workers and personnel from the fire department found the 67-year-old man, gave him first aid and later shifted him to Arta Hospital. The man is not in critical condition, however, he has serious injuries to his arm and leg.

The 67-year-old friend said, “He’s got a lot of damage to his arm, and he went in and had surgery,” while clarifying that the old man’s dog, which was first attacked by the bear, is fine.

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