December 6, 2023

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Argentina: The global far right celebrates the new president

Argentina: The global far right celebrates the new president

The most famous representatives of the global far right according to guardian They are excited about Javier Melay’s landslide electoral victory in Argentina, which is expected to turn Buenos Aires into a new hotbed of far-right populism.

Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro led the celebrations after their Argentine ally defeated his rival, Peronian Finance Minister Sergio Massa, by nearly 3 million votes in the presidential elections that took place on Sunday.

The new president of Argentina promised the worst, and was elected, thanks to the curses and insults he directed at all his opponents

The former US president predicted that Javier Millay would make “Argentina truly great again,” while the former Brazilian president praised the victory for “honesty, progress and freedom.”

The Three Priests of the Alt-Right in North and South America

According to a Guardian report, Bolsonista and Milista supporters predicted that Miley’s win would be the first in a trilogy of right-wing victories that will see Trump and Bolsonaro compete for power again in 2024 and 2026.

Naturally, Jair Bolsonaro – like his deputy – was punished with a ban on public participation until 2030, for not accepting the result and calling on his followers to take to the streets, just like Donald Trump. The clashes resulted in dozens of injuries, deaths and destruction.

But these experiences were never in the interest of the people, and the economic poverty of the Argentine people will certainly continue. With reduced spending on health and education.

In his first interview since his victory on Monday, Millay announced he would travel to the United States and Israel — where he promised to move the Argentine embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — before being sworn in on December 10, alongside the hardline conservative vice president. Victoria Villarrol was elected.

Whatever is said about Trump and Bolsonaro, the former has suggested that citizens use bleach against the Corona virus, and the latter is a fan of the military junta accused of committing genocide of indigenous peoples in order to deforest the Amazon, and they seem almost sane in the face of Miley.

The title “El Loco” or “The Crazy One” is not enough to describe him

He owes his career to his shouting and insults at the Argentine on TV shows. Like the graphic Greek representatives of the domestic far right and neoliberalism. But in Greece they get 0.5% by force. He is usually the most extreme example of the global Alt Right scene who has managed to reach the highest office in the country.

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Bolsonaro announced that he would attend Javier Melay’s inauguration in Buenos Aires and posted footage of a friendly video call with the Argentine president-elect. “I’m really happy,” Bolsonaro told the radical liberal economist. The former Brazilian president added, “You have a big task ahead of you… and it is a task that goes beyond the borders of Argentina.” For simple “Gracias”! -Thanks- from Javier Millay.

Unlike Bolsonaro, the career politician who emerged as an anti-establishment outsider to win power in 2018, Millay is a true political newbie. Born in Buenos Aires in 1970, he played in the Rolling Stones and built a reputation as an outspoken economic analyst on Argentine television before being elected to Congress in 2021 with his liberal Libertad Avanza (Advance Freedom) party. Miley’s volatile personality, on-screen outbursts, and Brit-pop hairstyle cemented his reputation as “El Loco” (the crazy one).

The above was directed to Pope Francis, and its translation was as follows: “Dedicated to you @Pontifex_es, you leftist… my son who travels the world declaring communism.” You are the representative of evil in the house of God.
Long live marriage…one freedom!

They – the far right, the alt right – are crazy

From Bogota and Santiago to Lisbon and Madrid, other ultra-conservative figures welcomed the landslide victory achieved by Javier Mele over the centrist Massa, with 14.47 million votes compared to 11.51 million votes. Metapolitics, the era of alt-right polemics in which arguments are more important, is now well established across the world.

Andre Ventura, leader of the Portuguese far-right Chiga party! (Enough!), celebrated Millai’s “fight in defense of society”, and Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s far-right League party, sent his congratulations. Santiago Abascal, leader of Spain’s far-right Vox party, said Melay had opened “the path to the future and hope…for Argentines and all of Latin America.”

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Hungarian President Katalin Novak congratulated Miley on the “great victory.”

In South America, conservative Chilean politician José Antonio Cast congratulated Millay on his “resounding victory,” writing: “The rebuilding of Argentina begins now.”

Colombian Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal called Melay’s victory — wait for it — “a victory for reason, common sense and hope for Argentina’s renaissance.” “Once again, the predatory left in Latin America has been defeated.”

Sergio Moro, a Brazilian senator who was justice minister in Jair Bolsonaro’s government, tweeted: “Argentina won the World Cup twice in a row.”

Ariel Goldstein, an Argentine academic who studies the populist right in Latin America, said he expects Buenos Aires to become a meeting place for members of the global far right and host a version of the Madrid Forum, a right-wing “anti-communist” summit founded in 2020 by a think tank affiliated with Vox.

Did Miley win or did Massa lose?

“Massa is the outgoing economy minister and the country’s inflation rate is 150% and almost half the country lives in poverty. So it’s very easy to understand the rejection of the status quo,” said Yanina Filipe, an Argentine political scientist at the Albert Hirschman Center for Democracy.

“More than being a supporter or supporter of Javier Melay or the Melay programme, it is a vote against the Peronists and the current government.”

Sheila Welker, president of consultancy Trespontozero, was not sure whether Melayi won the election or Massa lost it, because, as finance minister, many voters blamed his government for their economic problems. What was certain, Welker believed, was that Massa’s “scare campaign” – aimed at turning voters away from Miley by portraying him as an emotionally unstable, authoritarian lunatic – had failed.

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His statements about the economy

“The empirical evidence in the case of Argentina says that if you cut monetary emissions today, it will take 18 to 24 months to eliminate (inflation),” he said.

Miley is anti-abortion, is proposing a referendum to block access to the procedure, and does not believe humans are responsible for climate change.

However, he toned down his controversial tone and focused on his plans to reform the state. “Everything that can be in the hands of the private sector will be in the hands of the private sector,” including state oil company YPF and state media, Melay said.

The big privatization party begins.