May 18, 2024

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Theory: A friend left for Turkey

Theory: A friend left for Turkey

A traditional friend of Turkey has left the White House National Security Council. Amanda Slote has been in charge of European affairs since the beginning of the Biden administration. A few days ago it was announced that she would leave her position. In any case, senior advisors to European prime ministers preferred to speak directly to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, considering Sloat to be “young” for the position, recalling that her predecessor was Blinken. Sloat has made no secret of her hatred for the Greek Prime Minister either. In the period between the election and Biden’s inauguration, she was responsible for his phone calls with foreign leaders. It created the impression that the newly elected president had not contacted Mitsotakis so that it would be known who had made the recommendations.

Papastavrou in Bellaires

In a very symbolic visit, State Minister Stavros Papastavrou arrived today, according to the information of the article, in Albania, where he will visit the mayor of Himara, Freddy Biliris, who has been imprisoned for several months, although he was imprisoned. Democratically elected. The visit comes before the trial continues tomorrow. Papastavrou is expected to express the support and solidarity of the Greek government in the difficult battle waged by Belliris.


At the time when the 6+6 group announced its departure from Syriza, the PASOK Central Committee was holding its meetings in a completely opposite atmosphere, due to the second place that the party occupied in all recent opinion polls. Among the positions, interesting was that of Panagiotis Dodonis, who spoke of “radical modernity.” The report cited Charilaos Trikoupis, who founded the Modernist Party to rival Deligiannis, in the main political rivalry of the second half of the nineteenth century. But the report also had another message, as it was Trikoupis who introduced bipolar to Greece in 1875, which still works in the same way.

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He leans towards the Syriza party

Beyond that, if there is anything worth pointing out from KE the main problem with PASOK is that almost all the executives in their speeches looked obliquely towards Syriza voters, saying that PASOK wants to be the faction that will express left and center ideas. From now on, pointing to the left will be present in PASOK’s repertoire, but in moderation, because it carries a risk: moving away from the center.