July 23, 2024

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Bad weather: Wind rages in Thessaloniki – “Velos” at mercy of raging waves

Bad weather: Wind rages in Thessaloniki – “Velos” at mercy of raging waves

Strong winds have been blowing in Thessaloniki since Saturday morning.

The sea is rough across the Gulf of Thermaikos. Big waves hit the beach. A warning has been sounded to the crew of the historic destroyer “Arrow” as the raging waves pose a significant threat to even its possible sinking.

For this reason, a tugboat hastened to the spot where the destroyer was anchored, near the Thessaloniki concert hall, where the “Arrow” was immobilized.

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Destruction by fallen trees

On Saturday morning, strong winds blew a large tree onto a gas station on Lagada Street. The fall caused the canopy to collapse. The canopy landed on a parked vehicle occupied by one person. Miraculously, the passenger survived unharmed.

On the day of the incident, a female employee of the filling station realized what had happened and panicked and fainted. EKAB Ambulance was called to the scene to administer first aid to her.

The rescue team of the fire department had to remove the tree.

More than 40 trees fell in Thessaloniki

Fire service teams have been on their feet since early morning, working in areas where significant problems have been recorded, mainly due to falling trees.

According to the information, so far, the fire service has tried to control the fall of more than 40 trees in the central, eastern and western parts of the city.

Damage to parked vehicles and fences was recorded as the trees fell.