June 13, 2024

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Tsipras’ goats

Tsipras’ goats

The other day, a good colleague asked his “source” if Tsipras and Sakellaridis ate lamb at “Rumeli” or only ribs… The question shows, on the one hand, that the boundaries between political and culinary statements are not distinct. In the past.

On the other hand, it testifies to the extent to which the former prime minister’s political activities were covered last week. In a few days, Alexis Tsipras Had dinner with Gabriel Sakellaritis and communications consultant Lefteris Arvanitis, He met with Stephanos Kassalakis and Knossos Iliopoulos, and had several phone calls with official opposition officials. The radical activism is particularly important because of Alexis Tsipras’s earlier departure from SYRIZA’s inner parties.


Tsipras’s action comes as a result of the crisis in which Syriza has fallen. It’s not just the party It is withering and its voter turnout is falling fast. Worse yet, with each passing day, it becomes clear that the new president and his entourage They do not have the ability to bring the party out of crisis. Instead, their alienating behavior (a combination of authoritarianism and low politicization) reinforces the perception that they will lead to further shrinking of SYRIZA.

Tsipras seems to want the intra-party voices to be reduced, put the brakes on Kasselakis and keep the 6+6 (Ahtsioglou, Haritsis, Iliopoulos) group within the party. A reference to Tsipras’s line has been leaked by his entourage about his meeting with Kassalakis, according to which the former prime minister expressed his concern about the situation in SYRIZA and underlined the importance of unity.

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For anyone who didn’t get the hint, Thanasis Carderos (frontman of “Tsprismo”) came to form the line “Fivers” from Avgi’s columns. Carderos called Kassalakis’ critical note of the $37 billion cushion ahistorical: “If, like some of his tone-deaf supporters, he believes that SYRIZA needs to apologize for saving the country, let the debate begin, accepting the cost of even the harshest measures. However, official rulings put a “pillow” on some “adversary”, after literally taking away the political capital from him. At a time, indeed, when moderation and severity are a dominant demand. From everyone…”.

Too late;

That is the question If the Tsipras fire-fighting intervention comes too late. On the one hand, no firefighter (however skilled) can put out a fire once it gets out of control. And the situation with Syriza seems to be out of control at the moment.

On the other hand, in the crosshairs of Kassalakis’ fans Tsipras has already entered. Critical comments (named and anonymous) about the former president of SYRIZA, who “Had he really been a great leader, he would have defeated Mitsotakis.”. Kassalakis’ reference to his interview with Nikos Hatzinikova, given after the meeting with Tsipras, was also infamous.

Referring to the famous “pillow”, President of Syriza reiterated his position, which made Alexis Tsipras uncomfortable: “If there had been some slack in the height of this cushion that the Greek people and the Syriza government had sacrificed and built, with good governance, this could have been handled a little better. You know why; Because Mr. Mitsotakis, after being elected Prime Minister, replaced ENFIA and was given 500 million. In other words, he acted patriotically against his political capital, creating this huge cushion.

Subsequently, Kassalakis placed all the blame on Tsagalotos, showing Tsipras to be clueless and disengaged in his government’s most important decision.

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The message is clear. Stefanos Kassalakis Alexis Tsipras takes a distance from tradition, Denigrates key aspects of Syriza’s government work. Features that the former prime minister has repeatedly said he is proud of.

Kassalakis is creating a completely different party from what SYRIZA has been until now. Another party with other feelings, another concept of the past and (Osonoppo) with other political operatives.