July 14, 2024

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Behind the scenes Guatemala as the capital of Ibero-American Pro-Life

Behind the scenes Guatemala as the capital of Ibero-American Pro-Life

This was stated by President Alejandro Giamate last Sunday in his third television show “In Consultation with Dr. Giamate”, who coincidentally celebrated his 66th birthday this Wednesday; The idea was outlined during a trip to the United States last December.

The truth is, at the time of registration, Congress recognized February 9 as a lifetime day, and amid criticism of the opposition, the official bulldozer initiative 5272, with the approval of the Life and Family Protection Act, gave the final blow. Groups on reactionary and abusive articles.

Once the schedule is presented, Digital warned that this Wednesday, the country will first be declared “Ibero-American Pro-Life Capital” without much knowledge about the origin of such a name or any evidence for the appointment. Media La Hora.

Seven criteria support the inclusion of a presentation of the General Policy for the Protection of Family Life and Organization on July 25, 2021, as confirmed by the Presidential Secretariat for Social Relations (Scsp). Giamatte reiterated “yes to life” from its concept.

The source noted that the announcement was made during Guatemala’s permanent mission to the United Nations, which drew the attention of the Ibero-American Pro-Life Congress and the decision to promote the appointment.

In a corporate video produced by the government to promote the three-day conference, which begins today, the placing of a monument on the new Badeo de la Vita at the National Palace of Culture is mentioned in addition to Giamatte’s speeches. Pro-life organizations in OAS, UN and Washington clarify the anti-abortion stance.

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The initiative, promoted by the administration, will begin with an inter-agency agenda dedicated to so-called “pro-life ideology” and include changes in the penal code to tighten penalties, amid complaints from opposition groups in Congress about the recently approved law. Against women who perform abortions, among its many controversial aspects.

On social networks, the hashtag # NoALa5272 is already a trend and more and more users are agreeing to condemn the “government and country hypocrisy that violates the right to life the most”.

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