July 23, 2024

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Graphic: Russia surpasses Iran to become the most licensed country in the world

Graphic: Russia surpasses Iran to become the most licensed country in the world

Russia has become the most banned country in the world Invasion of Ukraine, Launched on February 24th. Currently, the Eurasian country has accumulated a total of 5,581 sanctions, of which 2,827 have been issued since 22 February. According to Barriers monitoring site Castellum.AI. In this way, the country has surpassed Iran, the most authorized country in the world, with 3,616 severe sanctions by the UN, EU and other countries before sanctions against Russia fell in the past two weeks. As the United States, Australia, Canada, India and Israel.

Switzerland, the European Union and France are subject to sanctions 568, 518 and 512, respectively, on the subject of the current sanctions imposed on Russia. Most of those barriers are targeted at individuals, and only 366 of the 2,827 barriers are generally aimed at corporations or government agencies. Sector restrictions such as general trade restrictions on oil or gas are not included in these figures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Said Last Saturday he warned that sanctions against his country were like a “declaration of war” and that any attempt to ban flying in Ukraine was tantamount to entering the conflict. According to researchers at the Yale School of Management, more than 300 companies have partially or completely exited the Russian market in addition to restrictions imposed by states and government agencies, including heavyweights such as Adidas, Google, Disney, Exxon or Volkswagen.