April 18, 2024

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Betting: How €30.5m of betting will be distributed to clubs

Betting: How €30.5m of betting will be distributed to clubs

Lefteris Avgenakis met with the heads of Super League 2, ESAKE and ESAP and briefed them on the method and conditions under which the money from the betting proceeds will be shared.

Divide revenue from bet To professional and amateur clubs.

Lefteris Avgenakis held a meeting with the chiefs Super League 2, you And ESAP And inform you of the manner in which the money will be shared from the betting proceeds as well as the conditions that each club must meet in order to be able to receive the money.

The relevant update of the GGA states:

«At the invitation of the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, to the heads of the professional leagues (Super League 1, Super League 2, Basket League, Volleyball League), a meeting was held in his office in the presence of Leonidas Liotsakos (President). SL2), Vangelis Galatsopoulos (ESAKE Chair) and Pantelis Tarnatoros (ESAP Chair).

Premier League 1 did not come.

The aim was to consult all parties involved in our professional sports for a fair distribution of the amount attributed to them, as an aid from the permanent financing mechanism, by taxing the winnings of players of games of chance.

This amount amounts to 30,500,000 euros (the corresponding amount will also be distributed to amateur sports).

In addition, they were informed of the following:

a) Sports companies that have not obtained from the Professional Sports Committee the necessary certificate of participation in the tournament (such as not providing a letter of guarantee) will not be eligible for financing.

b) No funding will be paid to sports companies involved in reporting to the National Platform for Sport Integrity, for their potential involvement in rigged matches, until EPATHLA issues a conclusion. Since the investigation has been sent to the sports authorities for further investigation of the case, funding remains suspended until the relevant bodies decide».

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* According to what is in effect today and based on KYA (Joint Ministerial Decision), each Premier League 1 club will receive approximately €1.1 million, in Super League 2 each team will receive €170,000, while in Basket League, each club will receive approximately €1.1 million. Each team receives an amount of 170,000 euros. 380,000 euros will enter the coffers of each team, and finally, volleyball teams will receive approximately 240,000 euros.