February 27, 2024

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The drug mystery continued during matches at the Australian Open

The drug mystery continued during matches at the Australian Open

A new episode starring “The Series” Novak Djokovic The preparations he receives during his matches are recorded Australian Open Championship Specifically, in the match against his French opponent in the second round of the tournament.

In the video, one of his team members can be seen preparing his concoction in a bottle, labeling it and handing it to the judge, who is also the person giving it to him. Djokovic.

Then the Serbian tennis player, after reading the label, consumed the liquid preparation.

This move by Djokovic, Which was repeated in other racesraised new questions about whether the former No. 1 tennis player was breaking the rules.

This controversy has been echoed by similar incidents involving Novak Djokovic and bottles of an unknown liquid that were handed to him at other tournaments.

The immediately preceding incident also had a Greek “colour”. It happened in Djokovic’s match with Stefanos Tsitsipas for the Paris Masters When the Serbian tennis player’s assistants were caught preparing a liquid supplement, someone gave the impression he was trying to hide the moves from the camera.

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