October 4, 2023

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‘Bombshell’: ‘Mike James finished with Monaco, failed with Olympiacos’

‘Bombshell’: ‘Mike James finished with Monaco, failed with Olympiacos’

Recently, there has been a strong rumor that Mike James is in talks with Monaco to leave because he did not take kindly to add Kemba Walker to Sasha Obradovic’s squad.

Olympiacos appears to be pursuing his case and, according to reports, has made an offer to the American, awaiting his release so that it can become his own. However, it was considered a very difficult case because Monaco did not test positive.

Now, Italian journalist Matteo Andriani reports that James and Monaco are very close to an agreement to terminate his contract. In fact, he notes, the team is already in the market to find a replacement.

It is characteristic that in the “market” of agendas there is a rumor that the US Guard has signed with Olympiacos, offering him a two-year contract with approximately $ 2 million annually, however, as it is logical, we have to wait for official developments in the matter in question.

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