June 19, 2024

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Change of ownership of a shoe market center in Athens (photos)

Change of ownership of a shoe market center in Athens (photos)

A place known to Athenians for decades As the “center” of the shoeCompany store “Petrakis”on her universitywas traded yesterday Electronic auctions.

In particular, the property in question has exited The first offer price is 500,000 euros And it was granted At a price of 761,858 eurosThat is an increase of 261,858 euros, which is justified due to its privileged location.

Auction with In a hurry the doValue A sum of euros was collected 200,000 euroswhich is part of a larger claim that was about to be made Central headquarters of the store To the company on Panepistimi Street.

It's about to Five horizontal features Which form One stop shopWhich is located in a residential building built on a plot of land with an area of ​​563.76 square meters in Athens and on the street Eleftheriou Venizelos (former university), no. 16. In particular, it is Basement shopSurface area 80.20 m2, horizontal ownership of the basement, area 30.40 m2, horizontal ownership BasementArea: 31.25 m2, Ground floor shop, on Eleftheriou Venizelo Street, surface area 36.15 square metres. And its area supervisorWhich is located directly above the store and Partially from the exhibition The residential building area is 76.70 square meters.

Based on its decision No. 3864/2022 Single-member Court of First Instance of Athens constitute the characteristics mentioned above One functional characteristicdoes not retain operational independence and therefore cannot be auctioned separately.

Excitement with honor

As for price But it was played… excitement. Initial estimate and starting price for the first auction Which is set for June 8, 2022, It was 415,000 euros. After accepting the company's appeal, the Single Court of First Instance in Athens ordered this He increases From the starting price To 1.7 million euros. With this tape, the auction was held, but it was canceled due to lack of bidders. Two more hammerings followed on 20 July 2022 and 23 September 2022, but with the same result despite a 20% price drop to €1.36 million. At the next hammer, on October 27, 2022, the price was reduced by 35% to €1.105 million, but again to no avail.

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He follows doValue accelerated resume With a request to reduce the price, which was accepted and so the next auction was held, on 21 April 2023, with the price reduced to 850,000 euros. However, it was again thwarted due to the lack of bidders.

after New call Because of the rush, the court decided in October 2023 that the price should be “reduced further.” In the amount of 500,000 euros. At this initial price, it became o auction Yesterday, Wednesday, April 10, a “battle” took place to attack “Al-Fileh” in the center of the capital.

100 years and adventure

It should be noted that all of this happens just before “Petrakis” is completed A century of journey to marketAs one of the oldest and most famous companies in its field shoes. This is the story of A. Petrakis AEE, starting with a starting point Far away 1925 During its nearly 100 years of operation, it has been recognized as a high-quality shoe, which it has proven over the decades, managing to stand up to wars and crises, but also to intense competition.

However, the company in its current form operates from 1987In recent years, it has faced serious financial problems due to a multi-year recession and a general decline in sales.

According to another Published financial results to use it 2015The company's sales value amounted to 875.5 thousand euros, compared to 1.033 million euros in 2014, recording losses of 328.1 thousand euros, compared to losses of 228.6 thousand euros in 2014. Accumulated losses amount to 1,546 million euros.

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So you experience the adventure of auctions from 2021when their flagship store in Panepistimio was targeted Another big property on Yemitu Road in Bagrati. The second property consists of: Basement, ground floor (Where the company store operates) and Five floorswhile The initial starting price was 3.15 million. euro.

They've been around ever since Interruptions The company against the accelerator, but also vice versa, where the court decided first to increase the initial prices and then, due to the intervention of fruitless auctions, to reduce them. Finally in April 2023 grand The building in Bagrati was traded at €1,575,001that it €1 Higher than the starting price at that time.
Petrakis has been preserved for decades It is still stored in Kallithea It stopped working a few months ago…

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