October 4, 2023

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Cher has two youth secrets – and she revealed them today

Cher has two youth secrets – and she revealed them today

At 77 years old, Cher is still an icon

Cher has two youth secrets – and she revealed them today

Cher shared two of her youth secrets that are so simple that anyone can follow them.

“I can’t believe I’ll be 80 at some point,” Cher, 77, told Good Morning Britain this morning. “And I’ll still be wearing jeans, and I’ll still have long hair, and I’ll still be doing the same things I’ve always done,” she said, revealing that these are the two things that keep her forever young.

She continued, saying that she was not ready to give up the external features of her youth, namely jeans and long hair, because She still feels younger than ever.

“I remember talking to my friend Paulette about it When should we cut our hair and stop wearing jeans? Because at the time it seemed like all women did it. “I haven’t done it yet,” said Cher, who gave her version of how she manages to stay young..

“I don’t know exactly, but the genes in my family are amazing,” continued Cher, whose mother Georgia lived to be 96. “I don’t know if not feeling old makes you younger. Or not.” I’m not sure. I follow trends. I have many new friends. I also have older friends. sincerely, I’m not trying to look new. I’m not trying to be young. I am who I am. Whatever that means, I do it.”

She replied that the positives were her love for her Yoga and ice cream. “I have pictures of me eating ice cream all over the world,” he said with a laugh.

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