December 7, 2022

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Chilling photos: The movie.. Punch in the stomach forbidden for 25 years

120 Days in Sodom, also known as Sal, 120 Days in Sodom (original title: Salò ò le 120 giornate di Sodoma, international title: Salò, or 120 Days of Sodom) is a fan of Italian-French cinema Moviefor the year 1975.

The direction was signed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, while he also wrote the script. The script is based on the book “120 Days of Sodom” by the Marquis de Sade.

This is the last film of the Italian director, in which he was killed some time later.

Its structure is reminiscent of Dante’s Divine Comedy. The play is set in the Republic of Salou, a hypothetical country founded by Fascio Mussolini during World War II.

The Fascists announced that they would educate 9 girls and 9 boys and, having received them with the consent of their families, turn them into slaves.

It is Pasolini’s most controversial work, with scenes of violence, orgies, sexual oppression, rape, cold torture, and murder.

Distribution of the film was banned in several countries.

The movie wasn’t shown until… 2008!

As mentioned earlier, the film was released in 1975. Three weeks after November 2, 1975, the day Pasolini was assassinated in Ostia, outside Rome.

In Italy, it was permanently banned in January 1976. In the United States there were limited shows in 1977. In England it was shown in 2000 and in Australia in 2008!

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