February 7, 2023

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China: How to explain the chaos that followed the end of the ‘coronavirus’

Concern in the international community is cause You blow it up pandemic in a Chinawhose authorities made the decision to abruptly end the “zero COVID” policy – wiping out the virus and the disease it causes – after unprecedented protests against the drastic measures, the virus is spreading almost unchecked.

The US government is considering imposing new measures on travelers coming into the country from China due to the… Its concern about the “lack of transparent data” from Beijing about the course of the novel coronavirus pandemicUnnamed US officials told Reuters and Bloomberg News on Tuesday (27/12).

More specifically, the US officials have made it clear that global concern is growing due to The complete “lack” of reliable “transparent data” about themincluding “virus genome sequence data” from Beijing, US officials explained.

The Chinese are ready to travel after the quarantine is lifted