July 14, 2024

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Christina Hella Family left broadcasters dumbfounded – ‘Oh my God’

Christina Hella Family left broadcasters dumbfounded – ‘Oh my God’

Christina Hella Family affirms that “there is violence in people. We all have violence.”

On the occasion of the second season of the daily Alpha series, Sasmos has been found Christina Hella Family On the set of “He and the Other” show on Friday night. Among other things, in fact, the charming hero talked about the short film entitled “Never Leave Me”, which caused a sensation immediately after its release, as it deals with toxic and abusive relationships, revealing a message she received on social media that is true. shocked her.

More specifically, Christina Hella Family characteristically noted, “I received countless letters…countless letters, and that’s when the feeling came to me, and then it came to me. Of the 800 letters I received from women, two or three were from men.” The message was a bit shocking, oh my God, it was about this incident in Rhodes.And a girl told me, “I am a previous relationship to the man who killed him and I managed to escape.” He told me, “I took action and was able to leave.” What a shocking message “.

“I also had a violent accident in a relationship, but it didn’t look like much. It just wasn’t clean.”

“There is violence in people. We all have violence. That is, there are so many toxic relationships that if you’re an outsider, whether you’re an observer or you’ve experienced it yourself but distance yourself, it’s clear to you now that they are abusive,” added Christina Hella Family on an evening talk show. For public television “the problem is very deep.”

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