June 25, 2024

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Gondaras: The Answer to Thessalikis

Gondaras: The Answer to Thessalikis
The rivalry between Giorgos Tsalikis and Gregory GondaraStarting this morning.

On the occasion of what the latter said on the “Super Katrina” program, the singer immediately responded, by sharing her on social media.

In the video, upload it via InstagramGiorgos Tsalikis can be heard addressing Gregoris Gondaras:

“They just sent me a statement by a well-known speaker who a year later reminded me again, irrelevant, that he had a nightmare last year with a famous singer, which is reasonable of course, with a subject that everyone agreed with. My friend, the only nightmare that must be To remember from last year is the ratings for both of your shows and leave me alone. Kisses.”

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In turn, Grigoris Goundaras has also uploaded a video via Instagram Story to his profile, in which he is heard saying:

“I never said a famous singer, again you got it wrong in your quotes, like last year you said ‘singer.’ And secondly, for many years I forgot to adore you the truly cosmic TV ratings that you gave on all the shows you participated in. “

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Gregoris Gondaras' answer to Giorgos Tsalikis

The statements of Gregoris Gondaras that annoyed Giorgos Tsalikis The responses to each other started via Instagram today on the occasion of what Grigoris Goundaras said on the “Super Katerina” show. A video was shown in the show regarding Maria Pacodimo’s reaction to a question about Fotis Sergolopoulos and Gregoris Gondaras. He recalled the period when journalists constantly asked him what happened with Giorgos Tsalikis and the contract that the singer had signed before him, as the main presenter of Big brother.

“Guys this is the game. I had a singer’s nightmare last year. We were going out and there were four cameras outside and I had nothing to say honestly because I didn’t know what he was saying. He was saying things that weren’t true. Come on, say the same again. .. you should have told them politely “You guys”…but I had no relationship with this particular person, here we are talking about a relationship and they were close friends. Let’s say hi, this is not an acquaintance. I said hello to everyone” Gregoris Gondaras said.

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