July 14, 2024

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He was photographed with his daughter from his palace in Geneva

He was photographed with his daughter from his palace in Geneva

His 31-year-old daughter Alain DelonAnuska, a rare photo with her legendary father, from his home in Geneva.

The brilliant cinema magician, Alain Delon, who has starred in notable films, has lived in seclusion in his mansion in Geneva for the past few years. As is known, until recently he divided his time between his apartment in Paris and his mansion in Switzerland with his beloved dog, the Belgian Shepherd Lombo.

his daughter, Anuska Dillonvisited him recently at his home in Geneva and took a selfie with him.

«The daughter went to the fatherI fondly commented on her post on Instagram. The actor was photographed in bed and showed his joy with his daughter next to him.

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In 1987, Alain Delon met his younger Rosalie van Bremen, a model from the Netherlands. He fell in love with her, married her and had two children, Anuska and Alain Fabian. In October 2002 they separated and she was the first woman to leave him.

The previous premiere of cinematographer Zane, at the age of 86, was a permanent resident of Geneva and, as mentioned, his desire to leave life by euthanasia, when he was not able to serve himself.

More specifically, the famous French actor’s decision to end his life by euthanasia recently surfaced in Switzerland. “After a certain age, you have the right to leave quietly, without being bothered by the hospital, injections, machines, etc. “ He said in 2019 before he had a double stroke.

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