February 6, 2023

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Mimi Denises: The fully meaningful answer to Lakis Lazopoulos – “It makes no sense…”

Her response to everything he said about her Lakis Lazopoulos submit it Mimi DeniseThrough the “Things Didn’t Get Better” program.

It all started when Mimi Dennisi said Greece should have nominated her movie “Dear Smyrna” for the Oscars.

Commenting on these statements, Mimi Denisis Lakis Lazopoulos said – among other things – that “imagining a bald man that he has hair is within the framework of fantasies. To stipulate that the bald person participate in a hairdressing competition to highlight the art of hairdressing, goes beyond the limits of imagination, and falls within the limits of Absurdity and perverted self-confidence.

“Mimi Dennis has a perverted self-care. You can’t be a greengrocer with just one potato.”

Mimi Denise’s answer

Today, two days later, Natalia Germano did not hesitate to ask Mimi Denisis what she had to answer these statements.

He initially said, “I will not comment on that,” and confirmed that relations between them had returned.

“I want to move forward with beautiful things, with good ideas. Now to go back and say what he said, what I said, doesn’t make sense,” Mimi Dennisi explained.

See what he said

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