March 4, 2024

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Close-up of the moon made by Orion after the disappearance of an exciting little film (video)

Close-up of the moon made by Orion after the disappearance of an exciting little film (video)

An alarm went off in Mission Control Artemis I’m from NASA when the mission vehicle suddenly loses contact. For 47 minutes, communication with Orion was lost causing great anxiety among members of the expedition as the source of the problem could not be determined. Finally, after nearly an hour, contact with the rover was restored and Orion transmitted impressive images of its close pass on the lunar surface.

An image of the Moon taken by Orion (Image credit: NASA)

The rover flew just 128 kilometers above the surface of the natural satellite, taking detailed pictures of its cratered side visible from Earth. If the schedule is followed closely, Orion is expected to return to Earth on December 11 and dock off the coast of San Diego, California. In the cabin of the boat are life-size statues that have been made and positioned to simulate human presence. NASA scientists will be watching all kinds of effects the flight will have on the dummies, whether it relates to the stresses and conditions of flight or, much more, the rates of exposure to harmful radiation (both solar and cosmic) to the human body. It will also be monitored and studied if these radiations caused damage to the ship’s tools.

The results of the mission will help to better organize the next missions of the Artemis program, especially manned missions, the first of which, according to NASA President Bill Nelson, will take place in 2024, a year earlier than expected. At least one woman will take part in this mission and will be the first to leave the spacecraft that will land on the moon and thus become the first woman to set foot on the lunar surface. Next will be the Moon Gate, the space station orbiting the Moon, and then the bases for the permanent residence of astronauts on the Moon.

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