October 4, 2023

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Conclusion: Panic on Twitter for the first photos of the third cycle

Conclusion: Panic on Twitter for the first photos of the third cycle

The tales of Sasmus and the beloved Alpha heroes have not stopped since The third cycle is coming in a few weekswith the address “Conclusion”.

“A room, a village, a whole world. Family and friendly relations connect the faces in the ‘frame’, in this vivan painting. A gallery of people who have lived together, spent most of their lives in journeys coming together, in coordinated marches… a smile, a look, a flower, a rosary, A necklace, a song, a tender slice of life in the pulse of an ordinary age.

Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, a person dressed in black burst into space. the threat? Everyone remains frozen and defenseless, defeated in the face of fate like invaders in the face of death. A picture on fire. Then blood and hands. The hands are painted red and the hands are soaked in blood. Swimming pool. Hands dive into the pool. Everyone is wrapped in black. Delayed punishment for any offense?

With these words, the trailer for the new course is described on Alpha’s official Instagram page, pIt is directed by Michalis Piko, while the soulful music of Nikos Terzis is heard, which highlights the feelings of the characters.

Sasmos – Epilogue: The first teaser video from the third cycle

A few hours ago, the official Alpha channel on Twitter decided to publish the first official photos of the third season of the series, which sparked panic among its fanatical fans.

Sasmos – Epilogue: First images from the third cycle

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