December 6, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2: Many complaints from CS:GO players

Counter-Strike 2: Many complaints from CS:GO players

the Counter Strike 2 It was released a few days ago on Steam to replace the popular one Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Fans of the series immediately rushed to download the new game, and although there were a fair number of positive comments, some players had a lot of complaints.

As we learn from it IGN, some CS:GO players took to X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit to complain about the many missing features in CS2. For example its user Reddit, cosmictrigger01has made a list of most of the CS:GO aspects missing from Counter-Strike 2.

The functions and features are as follows: Various Competitive and Wingman maps, Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, and Danger Zone. Many players who played these modes on social media are also wondering if they will return to CS2 or if they are gone forever.

Right now, there’s no official word from Valve if all of the above will return in Counter-Strike 2 or if they’re gone for good. Counter-Strike 2 has effectively replaced CS:GO, resulting in players not being able to play this game anymore.

Check out some of the posts posted on Reddit:

Counter-Strike 2 supports console for those of you who don’t want to play with a keyboard and mouse, it’s packed with weapon skins and more, and of course it also has Steam cards for your collection.

Counter-Strike 2 has just been released and it's free for everyone!  (video)

It is worth noting that CS2 was made using the Source 2 graphics engine and features improved latest generation graphics, workshop tools, new and updated maps, new ranking system, dynamic grenades, and many other features.

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CS Rating is a new system for measuring player skills and ratings in Counter-Strike 2, which will contain local and global leaderboards so you can know your rank at any time. The new trailer also explains how the ‘Premier’ feature will work in Counter Strike 2 and will include skill sets for each map, meaning you can practice on your favorite maps alongside other players.

Counter-Strike 2 is now available on Steam.

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