July 22, 2024

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Covid-19 cases are likely to increase in the United States in the fall and winter

Covid-19 cases are likely to increase in the United States in the fall and winter

The White House estimates that about 100 million people will be affected in the coming seasons, according to the CNN television network.

In recent weeks, government officials have stressed the need for more funding from Congress to prepare the entire country for the new wave of the disease.

An estimated 100 million potential infections were first reported by The Washington Post.

Last March, as part of a larger package promoted by the government, Washington demanded $ 22.5 billion in relief funds for relief against Govt-19, but the bill was dropped, CNN reported.

The request includes tests, treatments, therapies and evidence to prevent future outbreaks.

Although negotiators were able to agree to a reduced $ 10 billion package, amid controversy over Title 42 immigration policy, Congress ended up not approving the bipartisan bill in April.

The order establishes that immigrants must return immediately to their home countries because of the public health risks posed by the epidemic.

Health experts say the federal government’s response to Govt-19 should be maintained, despite attempts to remove many restrictions and return to normal.

Meanwhile, Biden executives insist that without new funding, the United States may not be ready for future waves of the epidemic.

Since the outbreak began in early 2020, the North has topped the list of countries with the highest number of cases and deaths.

Currently, more than 83 million and more than 500 thousand infections have been reported, according to WorldDimeters Tracker, and they have already crossed the one million mark.

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