June 26, 2024

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President Lopez Obrador embarks on a tour of Central America and the Caribbean

President Lopez Obrador embarks on a tour of Central America and the Caribbean

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador began his first international tour on May 5, including five countries, as part of Mira al-Surin’s Mexican strategy, aimed at strengthening political, economic and cooperative relations with these countries. .

The tour will include Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Cuba, where he will talk about improving bilateral relations.


On May 5, Lopez received Obrador and his counterpart Alejandro Chiamate, with whom he explored the reasons for the displacement and agreed to take various measures aimed at curbing the phenomenon.

During the meeting, 21 points were divided, which, in addition to the migration issue, also analyzed local development.

Regarding the record-breaking displacement of immigrants this year, Lopez Obrador stressed that the event was a testament to injustice, and that Mexico is proposing to eliminate conditions such as poverty, discontent and insecurity so that no one has to leave their home. Their family.

Two centuries of tariff-like initiatives were signed with the aim of promoting greater trade flow between the two countries, including the Sembrando White Project in Guatemala, which contributes to food security and migration issues.

Both presidents reaffirmed their fight against immigration and the fight against criminal networks.


During his visit to this country, the President of Mexico was welcomed by President Naib Bukele and had a private meeting with him.

Mexico and El Salvador currently face major challenges such as poverty, inequality, unemployment and marginalization, which form the deep roots of insecurity, displacement and other misery.

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In El Salvador, Lopez Obrador said that the United States was the hero of the displacement and that its policies needed to change.

He explained that since he took office, he has tried to resolve these issues with the regional countries with full respect for the sovereignty of each country. To find a solution and change their immigration policies.


As part of his tour, he went to Honduras, a third country, where he arrived on May 6 and was welcomed by its leader, Siomara Castro.

As part of this meeting, a series of agreements were signed, including the formation of a strategic association and the re-implementation of the mechanisms of political dialogue. They agreed to intensify economic ties between the two countries in areas such as manufacturing, technical assistance, marketing and exports. The issue of investment agreed to intensify investment in both countries was addressed, taking advantage of the benefits provided by the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and Central America.

They also recognized the importance of the power connection program in Central American countries, taking into account the strategy of the energy problem. Similarly, the oil fields in Kosuta and the Caribbean Sea recognized the potential for growth in Honduras.

They discussed measures to expand diplomatic services in both countries, pay special attention to vulnerable people and serve their compatriots abroad.

They acknowledged the progress made by Honduras in their projects of social development and employment creation, sowing of life and building the future.

An agreement was signed between the Honduran government and the Economic and Cultural Fund to open bookstores in Central America.

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They reiterated their efforts against corruption and impunity, and celebrated Honduras’ actions in this regard.

As the culmination of his visit, Mexico expressed its willingness to assist in the energy development of Honduras and thanked the Honduran government for all the attention it has received.

This Saturday, May 7, President Lopez Obrador will pay an official visit to Cuba, where he will hold talks with President Miguel Diaz-Connell Bermuds.

Source: Central American and Caribbean Digital Newspaper.