May 28, 2024

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Cruise ships are again facing difficulties due to Govt-19

(CNN) – At least four cruise ships were diverted from ports or were barred from landing in the United States this week due to Govt-19 lawsuits.

Despite lawsuits for other voyages from US-based ships Service resumed this summer With vaccination requirements and other measures to reduce outbreaks, the rate of ships seems to have increased, forcing them to change their itinerary.
The obstacles are still a long way off March 2020, The outbreak closed the industry and led to several weeks of efforts to repatriate already boarding passengers and crew as the ports closed to ships infected with the virus.
However, this week’s disruption came amid global concerns about the highly contagious Omigron corona virus variant. Covit-19 vulnerability rate has increased in the United States And elsewhere.

Recent cruise ship disruptions include:

Mexican authorities Blocked The Holland USA Tax King’s Dam The Jalisco State Department of Health said it had allowed its passengers to disembark in Puerto Vallarta on Thursday after 21 crew tested positive for the Covit-19.

A “small number of whole vaccinated teams” tested positive, and not all showed mild or no symptoms, Holland told America Line CNN.


Alfredo Martinez / Getty Images

Jalisco health officials are initially going to allow test negative people to get off. However, they changed their minds by Thursday, citing “the rapid growth of cases confirmed in the panel,” the department said. The department said only one team member tested positive a week ago.

The ship, which left San Diego on December 19 with more than 1,000 passengers and more than 870 crew, visited Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan before arriving in Puerto Vallarta. Sunday was scheduled to return to San Diego.

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Holland America Line, like the other shipping companies in the story, must fully vaccinate passengers and crew against Covit-19, with a few exceptions for children.

Ports in the Caribbean islands of Bonaire and Aruba Returned The Carnival Freedom The shipping route was announced after a “small number” of people on board on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, tested positive for Kovit-19.

However, the company ordered an alternative stop on Friday in the Dominican Republic.

It was Permission to park in Curaao On Tuesday. Dr. is the National Epidemiologist of Curaao. Easy Gerstenblut said he was warned before the ship arrived that the ship’s crew had tested positive. After he visited the ship and confirmed that those cases were among the crew, Curaக்கோao allowed the passengers on board to leave the ship, and the crew was on board, he said.

The cruise ship returned to Miami as scheduled on Sunday, the crew said.

Traveler Jim Storopsky said his experience with CNN subsidiary WPLG was positive, adding that the company was “very accommodating”. His wife, Connie, praised the company for its Govt-19 safety protocols and said they were “having a good time”. The couple said they plan to travel with the company again in two weeks.

Other passengers reported a different experience. “It’s scary,” said Leah Murray Told WPLG His frustration with the Govt-19 cases on board. “They didn’t tell us anything. They let everyone go about their business.” He said he felt the tax was “very irresponsible” with the Covid-19 protocol.
அதிகாரிகள் Authorities in Curaக்கோao and Aruba sent it back Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas The Miami Herald reports that 55 staff and passengers who were fully vaccinated this week have been infected with Govt-19. Reported Wednesday.

Curaக்கோao health officials decided that the percentage of people on board was too high to allow the ship to stop.

The ship will return to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as scheduled for Sunday.

According to the Royal Caribbean, the ship can accommodate up to 5,550 guests and up to 1,600 crew. It is not clear whether the ship was fully occupied.

Seven Mariners.

Seven Mariners.

Manfred Segerer / ullstein bild / Getty Images

Colombian authorities Blocked The Seven Mariners Since allowing anyone to land in Cartagena on Wednesday, seven positive Govt-19 cases – six crew and one passenger – have been reported. The ship began 18 day trip from Miami to San Francisco On December 18th.

The disruptions so far have affected a small part of the operation of cruise ships

Modified vessels represent a small area Dozens of cruise ships are underway Any time this month in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the vast Atlantic and Pacific region.

The positive Govt-19 tests on cruise ships are not unique to this month – they have taken place at other times since the ships began their departure from the US coast again this summer.

In August, for example, before arriving at a port in Belize, 27 people tested positive on a Carnival cruise ship.

Now, the pervasiveness of the Omigron variant “can shape the outlook of some targeted authorities, even when they are governed by our strict protocol,” Carnival spokeswoman Anne Marie Matthews told CNN in a prepared statement Friday.

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“Some places have limited medical resources and they focus on managing their own local response to variation,” Mathews added.

“If it is necessary to cancel a port, we will do everything we can to find an alternative destination,” Matthews said.

Health and safety ethics

Companies recommend booster shots for their passengers. Holland America Line says its team members receive boosters once they qualify.

It is generally required to test their passengers for the presence of Govt-19 infection before departure.

Passengers with a positive test during the trip should generally be isolated

Masks must be worn in indoor public places for trips based in the United States. That was the policy Recently updated To extend the wearing of indoor masks to fully vaccinated passengers.

CNN’s Francesca Street, Melissa Alonso, Aya Elamrose, Karma Hassan, Hira Humayun, Stefano Posepon, Valentina Ditonado and Sheriff Budget contributed to the report.