December 6, 2023

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Disclosure – Shock about events in New Philadelphia: “Dynamo Covers Up Rescue of BBB Member”

Disclosure – Shock about events in New Philadelphia: “Dynamo Covers Up Rescue of BBB Member”

“The National” brought to light shocking information about the night of events in New Philadelphia that led to the murder of Michalis Katsoris.

Croatian press reports that Dinamo Zagreb’s management fled BBB hooligans. Not only is he caught up in the bloody events, but so is the son of a council member.

In detail what is written in the article: “Tino Kordic hid in a bush and called Zelko Kordic, an employee and board member of Dinamo. He called President Vlachta Peras in Athens and he sent Milienko Sakoman (in charge of the arena) and Bruno Markovic (in charge of travel) to welcome him.

According to the report, members of the Croatian team left Greece from the BBB member and added him to the team’s charter.

Zeljko Kordić confirmed everything to the police. Dinamo fear possible sanctions against Vladka Beras and the club. If Dino Kordic was considered a suspect, the Greek police would have already requested his extradition as his name was on the list of fans who entered Greece.

“National” learned from several sources close to the leadership of Dinamo that the entire club has been “sitting on its claws” for 1.5 months. This comes as the delegation was returning from Athens on August 8, after the match with AEK was postponed due to incidents leading to the death of a Greece fan, when information leaked that there was a strange passenger. “On the plane.

Specifically, 64 of the Dinamo team traveled to Greece and 65 returned from Athens. The stowaway, the 65th person on the flight, was one of the members of the Bad Blue Boys who took part in the bloody incidents and fled to the hotel where Dinamo representatives were staying after mass arrests of Croatian fans. Team uniforms, put him on a charter flight and brought him back to Zagreb.”

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