July 23, 2024

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Daphne Lambrogianni: “I was abused several times and seriously”

Daphne Lambrogianni: “I was abused several times and seriously”

Daphne Lambrogianni was invited to the show, and it couldn’t have gone better, and the discussion turned to the #metoo movement and the allegations that came to light.

The actress admitted that at first she did not realize the extent of the situations, until she thought about what she herself had been exposed to in the field of abuse.

“We are a generation of women who grew up with people who are kind of like our extended family. We artists can often find a closer family than at home because we have a common language of communication. We grew up with people who let us down so bad I talk about #metoo and we didn’t listen. There are stories that have not come out and will never come out. The union has dozens of complaints that have not been heard. What has come out is not even the tip of the iceberg.

I always think it has nothing to do with our space, but with the people, what we’ve learned about life, and what we call patriarchy. We are experiencing a wave of feminism that uses these expressions and they are appropriate. It was this era that empowered those people who had this disposition. You have to be willing to be that thing. If you are in any job, you can become an overt or secret executioner of people. It is difficult to get to where they need to be judicially, and not much is known.

All this lifestyle that easily creates to be a little bit more…at least people who are willing to follow a healthier lifestyle, to have the same rights, it would be good if people didn’t strengthen the heart lightly. Maybe we should look a little more when we draw our pictures.

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When all this happened and they came out, they blamed us because we knew and did not talk. We didn’t know these things. Those who knew and did not speak out may be few, but they are also criminals. We knew the bad situations, we accepted the bad situations that we had to deal with and that women had to endure to get a job. But actually no, we didn’t know.

I understood the following. When we started hearing about America, I was one of the people who said, “Yes, now you remember it?” They made a career and now I remember it?” And then I would see the evidence and reflect on my own life. And I was a person who was always talking. When I began to understand what had happened, I began to understand what had happened to me. When I thought that nothing had happened to me.

I was abused a lot and very seriously!

I also realized how costly resistance is. I paid for it with my health, and I don’t know how many times I was hospitalized. I’ve been working all my life, I’ve learned to stop with one hand and do everything else with the other. I want both hands to work. I don’t want anyone to drop me, I want to have both hands and cooperate. Soul and body at some point.”

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