July 23, 2024

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Deutsche Welle: Leaders from western Libya?

Deutsche Welle: Leaders from western Libya?

The discussions and refutations that have taken place in the past few days about the new face that has emerged on the Greek Left are reminiscent, according to similes, of a poem by K. Cavafy.

Leaders from western Libya

Generally popular in Alexandria,

For the ten days he stayed,

Governor of western Libya

Aristomenes, son of Menelaus.

Also, his name and clothing are, globally, Greek.

They gladly accepted the prices, however

They didn’t look for them, they were humble.

He bought books in Greek,

Especially historical and philosophical.

Above all, a man of few words.

would be deep in thought, spread out,

Naturally, they don’t talk much.

He wasn’t deep in thought, nothing.

Random and funny person.

So he took a Greek name and dressed like a Greek.

I learned up and down like a Greek to act,

He was afraid that this would happen

It spoils the good impression

Speaking barbarian suffering in Greek,

And the Alexandrians cut him into terrible pieces.

That’s why I limited myself to a few words:

Watching in awe the inflections and pronunciation,

They attacked little

The conversations accumulated there.

Constantin Cavafy (1928)

source: German wave

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