April 19, 2024

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Dimitris Kokotas: What the brain scans showed

Dimitris Kokotas: What the brain scans showed

Dimitris Kokotas, who suffered a heart attack last Thursday 3/28 while training for J2US, underwent two CT scans of the brain.

According to what Giorgos Liagas said on “Proino”, he stayed for about 8 minutes with a break. What is crucial in these cases is the potential damages. I have good news. Dimitris Kokotas underwent two CT scans of his brain and the doctors told me that the news from the CT scans was very optimistic. “They show there is no harm,” he said.

He continued: “Now, there are two factors: what the standards say and reality. They tried twice yesterday and the first to wake him up. This is done slowly and gradually until tolerated. He could not bear to complete the operation twice, and the doctors put him back to sleep. “It will happen again at some point, gradually.”

“They ask us to be patient.”

The singer's wife, Katerina, also spoke on the “Breakfast” program on ANT1.

“There is a slight improvement which is basically a relatively optimistic message for us. The good thing is that the situation is stable. There is even a slight improvement every day. They are definitely cautious because the way they will try to get him back into good shape will be slow, to be safe because what he went through was difficult.” “Very. They ask us to be very patient, meaning that no matter which doctor we talk to, they are simply asking us to be patient.”

He said: “My personal hope is that since the doctors have told me that my condition is stable, I understand that I am being given hope that things will go well, but I always stay tied until it is over. They have had two pivotal matches, they have looked good, we always keep “With confinement, so we can see the result when he slowly wakes up.”

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