April 13, 2024

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Survivor: “Unwanted” for the blue Stamatis and the new tension with Asimina

Survivor: “Unwanted” for the blue Stamatis and the new tension with Asimina

Survivor: Another episode was watched Monday night by viewers of the survival reality show.

The friendly relationship between Giorgos Gioulikas and James Kaftzis is a red flag for the Reds.

In fact, Alexis Pappas I was accused of passing information to the Blues.

For his part, James Kaftzis stated in front of the camera the following:Alexis is jealous of my relationship with Julekas».

Dalacca transformed the burger

Caterina Dallacca announced her decision to change the way she votes, from one day to the next, saying that she will now vote strategically, sparking comments from the Blues.

This happened because just a few days ago Katerina criticized the fighters for the way they vote.

Win for the Reds

After an exciting immunity match… The red team players were victorious From the “Fighters” with a score of 12-10.

“April Fool…”

At the beginning of the Al Jazira Council, Giorgos Lianos announced the return of two players.

Hello Takis Karagounias and Marios Priamos Ioannidis“, the announcer said as the players of both teams remained… speechless.

Llanos then explained that the two players would come to the Al-Ittihad party and not to compete.

They don't want him on the team

Shortly afterwards the 'fighters' were asked to vote for the weakest member of their team.

The Blue Team has spoken, and the decision has been madeGeorge Lianos stressed that the votes should be read immediately.

The majority of the Blue Team players brought out Stamatis Taladianos in Survivor Taco.

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I didn't expect it to come out. “I don't know what he has to do for this team.” The player said at first.

I didn't fight with anyone, nor did I do anything to anyone. Maybe they didn't like my point of view. I also apologized if something was annoying, but that's my opinion… The reason why I'm not feeling well psychologically a lot of times is also because some things happen and I find a wall but I move on“, added the athlete to her nomination.

On Tuesday's episode, Survivor viewers will see this week's third immunity match as well as Asimena's championship match once again.