May 18, 2024

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Survivor 1/4: Final spoiler for the 2nd Immunity live stream

Survivor 1/4: Final spoiler for the 2nd Immunity live stream

Survivor 1/4: Week 13 at Survivor It started off strong with Blue earning second immunity. But what will happen to the second?

His reality show sky The good flights continue in the TV ratings. It wasn't as impressive as it had been in the past, but as long as the meter read more than 15%, no one would get in.

After the Blues took control and the Reds voted, this became the case All are open to the second candidate. Man or woman;

It will also depend on which team wins.

All eleven days, that's not a lie! Asimena is back to work! Read how much money he made…whoa for 5 weeks!

Do you want him to be assertive and get wins or will he need some running to get used to racing again?

A closed and final spoiler for Immunity 2 has been givenI.

Al-Naji 1/4: Live the honorable

The most annoying live stream returns updated with commentary and videos from the battlefields and of course the hilarious commentary from Twitter.

You, all you have to do is sit comfortably on the sofa, relax, and take all your companions with you (Pizza, Potato chips, popcorn, chocolate and beer) and watch Survivor together on TV and smartphone. Of course, waiting for more Survivor spoiler.

Besides, you know we are the best company! Wait until s Iorgaras lliano To blow the opening whistle and enjoy the tours.

The group begins

Christophoros (red) VS Thodoris (blue)

1-0! Blues in the lead

Katerina (red) VS Anastasia (blue)

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1-1! The Reds respond with Dallacca

Pappas (red) VS James (blue)

2-1! The Blues are on top again

Joanna (red) VS Chrissa (blue)


Berbataris (Reds) VS Taladianos (Blues)

3-2! For the first time, the Reds lead 2-0

Giorgos B (red) VS Savas (blue)

3-3! Good start from both teams

Aira (red) vs. Stavroula (blue)

4-3! The queen of goals and puzzles strikes again. He's not losing, the Blues are on top again.

Gulicas (red) vs. Vanes (blue)

4-4! Let's go to the second curl! Asimena also enters!

Pappas (red) vs. Daniel (blue)

5-4! The Reds are moving forward with Papa being lethal in the hoops

George P. (red) vs. James (blue)

6-4! +2 puts the Reds in a better position.

Katerina (red) vs. Stavroula (blue)

6-5! They have the same 73.8% as of today, but now Stavroula has a slightly higher percentage.

Christoforos (red) VS Vanes (blue)

7-5! Fanis is bad today because he couldn't find it with the Hoops.

Perbataris (red) vs. Thodoris (blue)

8-5! It's a standstill for the Blues. At -3 now

Gifts (red) for gold (blue)

8-6 Blues down! Atsa Krysa, you bring up a very important point

Gulekas (Reds) vs Savas (Blues)

9-6! Julekas doesn't mess around! 2/2!

Silver (red) vs. Anastasia (blue)

9-7! In her first unofficial match after 5 weeks, Anastasia narrowly won. Good picture though

Giorgos B (red) VS Savas (blue)

10-7! We enter the banner with great superiority for the Reds

Giannis – Ioanna (red) VS Stavroula – James (blue)

10-8! Now the Blues have succeeded!

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Asimena – Christoforos (red) VS Savas – Anastasia (blue)

10-9! The Blues are now one victory away

George – Katerina (Red) VS Daniel – Chrissa (Blue)

11-9! The Reds are now one win away from immunity

Giannis – Ioanna (red) VS Anastasia – Savas (blue)

11-10! The blues is alive

Katerina – Giorgos (red) VS James – Stavroula (blue)

12-10! A shock match, the invincibility of the Reds and Blues will produce a candidate for the Council