April 24, 2024

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Kokotas: He was dead for 8 minutes

Kokotas: He was dead for 8 minutes

“For 8 minutes, Dimitris Kokotas was dead, that is, without a heartbeat,” Giorgos Liagas reported on the “Morning” program on ANT1.

This created fear among doctors that the beloved singer might suffer from brain damage.

According to G. Liagas, Dimitris Kokotas was obstructed while being transported from the J2US studio to “Gennimatas” in the ambulance.

There, as the announcer characteristically said, the artist's heart did not beat for 8 minutes, which meant it His brain wasn't getting oxygen. After the efforts of doctors, Dimitris Kokotas recovered and returned to life.

Today is Monday 1/4 Doctors will try to extubate him again. However, there is great concern about whether his brain function will be smooth.

Matina Pagoni to Dimitris Kokota: “These are difficult days”

On the morning of Monday, April 1, she was a guest on the set of the “Today” show. Matina Pagonis. Shortly before the conversation ended, Dimitris Oikonomou asked her about the health of the beloved singer. Dimitris Kokota.

You are chicken

Dimitris Kokota's wife is in pain: “He did not commit any abuse”


Matina Pagoni responded by generalizing, without wanting to provide details: “He's lovely, he's someone who always entertains people. I want to tell you this… Let's let the people fighting in ICUs and hospitals fight their battle. He remains in intensive care.

These situations are difficult and take time We should not worry about them. No need, honestly. After all, it's also personal data. These are difficult days for all these people Which are specifically found in units.”

It is noteworthy that Dimitris Kokotas is undergoing intubation in the intensive care unit at Genematas Hospital, after suffering a cardiac arrest on the afternoon of Thursday, March 28, while he was in J2US training.

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