May 28, 2024

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Dortmund 2-0: a big turnaround with Sterling and Havertz and qualifying for the ‘8’ Champions League

Dortmund 2-0: a big turnaround with Sterling and Havertz and qualifying for the ‘8’ Champions League

With Sterling scoring in the first half and Havertz (a penalty) in the second, Chelsea comfortably beat Dortmund 2-0 at Stamford Bridge to overturn a 1-0 defeat at Westphalia and advance to 8″ of the Champions League.

Chelsea lined up in midfield with just two wins in 12 games in all competitions in 2023 and faced the most glamorous side in Europe, Dortmund, who on the other hand had a ’10 out of 10′, but the end found Graham Potter players and Blues fans celebrating in a state of frustration. ecstasy.

This is because the Londoners put in one of their best performances this season and with a peppy but also clever game for most of the game, they beat their opponents 2-0, to turn 0-1 down in the first game since the goal. Antigame and to celebrate qualification to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

The big stars of the Blues are Raheem Sterling who made it 1-0 in the 43rd minute and opened the way for the ‘8’ (now involved in 44 Champions League goals, with 27 goals and 17 assists) and Kai Havertz. , where he scored Chelsea’s golden top scorer in the 2021 final against Manchester City 2-0 in the 53rd minute from the penalty spot, as he had to take two penalty kicks.

the match

With victory the only way for them on the road to qualification, Chelsea came out stronger and more aggressive and in the first ten minutes pressed their opponent high, even after two good moments at the time. In the sixth minute, Felix advanced against Mayer, but his shot from the side was blocked by a corner kick, while in the eighth minute, Havertz hit a powerful shot with pressure from Kahn and sent the ball.

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After absorbing the early shock, Dortmund then gained yardage and control in possession, only to have their moment of the game in the 17th minute, but Kepa swooped into the right corner and slotted in a corner kick straight to Reus.

By the 25th minute, Westphalians had 71% in their favour, with Chelsea once again taking charge and creating, one after another, goal-scoring stages. In the 28th minute Havertz had no luck when he saw the ball stop at the left post with his shot (shortly after he scored but Sterling was broken early in the period), in the 40th minute he was beaten by Meyer and in the 42nd minute Chilwell was wide And salvation came to the Blues in the 43rd minute.

Then when Chilwell turned from the left and Sterling became the owner of the ball at the height of the penalty kick, winning the answer to Reus who tried to stop him and penetrate Germany at home with a 1-0 goal, which led two teams to the locker room for a break and was a fair basis for the two teams’ picture.

Perfectly he closed out the first, Chelsea’s second half opened in dreamlike fashion, after in one of his first dangerous visits to the opposition’s tires, he was awarded a penalty. After Chilwell’s cross, the ball found its way into Wolfe’s hand and referee McKelley showed the white shot after the video assistant referee had checked the stage, which he had sent to watch the contested stage on the screen.

Havertz took over and sent the ball to the left post of Mayer, who fell in the far corner, but luck turned to him as one of the Dortmund players who entered the penalty area earlier removed the ball on the rebound and the referee ordered the penalty kick. recovered.

Havertz and Mayer both took the same angle again, but the Chelsea German striker was on target this time to make it 2-0 which was also a qualifying result for his team.

Dortmund was in a terrible pressure situation automatically and moved forward to find the goal, but in the two good stages they were within a few minutes, they were not on target, as Bellingham sent the ball away in the 58th minute from a privileged position and Kepa intervened wonderfully in the 65th minute with a powerful shot from Wolf.

For his part, Chelsea did not change his plan after Havertz’s goal, and instead preferred to stay behind by closing spaces and only opening up the counter, until he found a third goal with Gallagher in the 76th minute, which was not counted. Presentation of the pound sterling.

Not much changed in the final quarter beyond six of injury time, with Chelsea defending perfectly and Dortmund battling to threaten effectively and the hourglass dropping dangerously low for Edin Terzic’s men.

In the 89th minute, Bellingham sent the ball wide with a high hanging header while in the 90+5th minute, Wolfe saw his shot from inside the penalty area stop at Kepa to clinch a 2-0 lead and take Chelsea to ‘8’.

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It is noteworthy that Chelsea qualified for the fifth time in the knockout doubles after losing the first match (they are at the top of the relevant list along with Barcelona, ​​​​Juventus and Real), while Graham Potter became only the second English coach with five matches. He has won only one Champions League season since Bobby Robson (2002-03).

Chelsea: Kepa, Fofana, Koulibaly, Kokurega, James, Kovacic (83′ Loftus-Cheek), Fernandez (87′ Zakaria), Chilwell, Sterling (83′ Pulisic), Havertz, Felix (68′ Gallagher)

Dortmund: Mayer, Wolff, Sulley, Slaughterbeck, Guerrero, Can, Brad (5′ Reina), Bellingham, Ozkan (64′ Gittens), Rios, Alli (77′ Mullen)

Round of 16 schedule

  • Benfica – Bruges 5-1 (38′ Rafa Silva, 45 + 2′, 57′ Ramos, 71′ penalty, 77′ Neres / 87′ Mejer) [2-0]
  • Chelsea – Dortmund 2-0 (Sterling 43 minutes, Havertz penalty 53 minutes) [0-1]
  • 03/08 22:00 Tottenham – Milan [0-1]
  • 03/08 22:00 Bayern – Paris [3-2]
  • 03/14 22:00 Manchester City – Leipzig [1-1]
  • 03/14 22:00 Porto – Inter [0-1]
  • 03/15 22:00 Napoli – Eintracht [2-0]
  • 03/15 22:00 Real – Liverpool [5-2]