March 4, 2024

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Download absolutely beautiful wallpaper for your mobile phone, tablet or PC

Download absolutely beautiful wallpaper for your mobile phone, tablet or PC

the Basic Apple Guy He continues to share his creations for free and after the four beautiful wallpapers that he released a few days ago, the artist in question is back with another one of his works. More specifically, the famous designer once again created an image based on his own OS X operating system apple.

There is a story behind Apple’s WWDC14Where the company team was looking for a name for the upcoming version of MacOS, with many names such as OS X Oxnard, OS X Rancho Cucamonga And OS X weed to be candidates. Eventually, Apple came up with a OS X Yosemite.

With this in mind, Basic Apple Guy created the OS X Rancho Cucamonga wallpaper with the help of course Midjourney and was inspired by the mountainous landscapes of this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčCalifornia.

You can download this wallpaper Click here. It can contain only three options (iPad, iPhone And mac), but it looks equally amazing on many Windows tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Basic Apple Guy is a well known artist in the community and creates various wallpapers from time to time, which he distributes to the public completely free of charge.

For more stay tuned to Unboxholics.

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