April 18, 2024

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Earth trembles | newspaper

Earth trembles |  newspaper

In the seventeenth century, the time of scientific research and great discoveries, Europe plunged into a crisis. It has been called the “crisis of conscience” or the “crisis of European thought”. Both were part of what historians have called the “Crisis of the Seventeenth Century.”

In the time of Galileo, Newton and Leibniz, with the invention of the telescope and microscope, the development of the post office and, consequently, the proliferation of newspapers and prints, there were many shades.

This is not a paradox. When the world changes, something inside of you changes. And that’s scary. Peter Burke, a professor at the University of Cambridge, in his book Multiculturalism. A cultural history from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag” (Yale University Press) writes that there was a great shift at the time: from a view of the world as something organic—a living, an “animal”—to a picture of the universe as a gigantic mechanism.

Another reason for that crisis seems to be the rise of skepticism: waves of skepticism about man’s knowledge of nature, the past and history swept through European societies. Nothing is taken for granted anymore.

The third reason seems to be the rapid increase in the spread of knowledge. And suddenly there was so much that people knew it all turned into an unbearable burden.

It is indicative that at the beginning of the 17th century, about 345,000 book titles were printed in Europe. Englishman Robert Burton (author of the classic The Anatomy of Melancholy) is said to have commented, “There are so many books now that they oppress us.” The volume of information is beginning to bow to even the brightest of minds.

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In that century, it is no coincidence that the gradual decline of the so-called “Renaissance man” also took place. The discipline that today defines apotheosis was born.

We are witnessing something similar today. The explosion of science and technology, the euphoria of knowledge and information, but also a profound existential crisis. Technology, since the advent of the internet, with social media and the first samples of artificial intelligence, has dramatically changed how we understand space and time, ourselves, and our perception of reality. This inner turmoil, both individual and collective, makes the ground shake beneath our feet. Today we are also bent over all this volume of information and noise.

The world did not end in the seventeenth century. proceed. will continue in st. He wouldn’t be the same one many of us grew up with. But this is how the world has always progressed.

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