May 18, 2024

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Eddy Rama confused by Freddie Belleris’ appointment – Newsbomb – News

Eddy Rama confused by Freddie Belleris’ appointment – Newsbomb – News

Dirty games with Albanians in Greece – trying to create a climate of division against Greece

The Albanian prime minister sees himself as a young Erdogan.

The arrest and imprisonment of Fredis Beleris, the elected mayor of Himaras, has led him to make hasty retaliatory moves against the Greek government, which undermines every good neighborly relationship. The parallels with Turkey and Erdogan’s tactics are striking.

First, And Erdogan fabricated financial fraud charges to sideline his political opponents and seize their assets.

Secondly, It used dubious judicial mechanisms to prevent ethnic minorities from taking office. Over the years, however, Erdogan has faced no diplomatic consequences for his actions.

After the recent developments and the first degree conviction of Freddie Peleris, there is fear from the politics of Edi Rama, who has long tried to seize the assets of Greek expatriates.

In Megaros Maximos, seeing the provocative attitude of the Albanian Prime Minister, if he continues this method, will worsen the Greek-Albanian relations, they think they are justified, and they have rightly chosen Freddy Peleri to be on the list of MEP candidates.

In essence, Rama, with this move, continues a very dark political game by trying to instrumentalize the votes of tens of thousands of Albanian immigrants in the June 9 European elections, who live in our country and have the right to vote as Greek citizens. .

He believes a significant portion of them will not vote for ND, in response to Beleris’s candidacy… hurting him politically. Obviously, his obsession with starting the pre-election ceremony from Athens is a crude political intervention in the internal affairs of our country because of the terror he experienced because of the candidacy of Beleris.

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However, such an event would create a crude involvement in Greece’s internal affairs and electoral processes, even if Rama avoided any mention of the Euro elections.

All of this shows his great anxiety about how the Beleris issue will develop, that’s why he’s running in panic, that’s why he’s there to capture and influence events, because don’t forget that the whole case of the imprisoned Himaras mayor is coming to an end. The case will conclude with a second hearing in the summer.

What points does the Albanian Prime Minister ask?

An ally of the Albanian prime minister had first sent a request to the managers of the Kalachti Olympic Stadium, which is run by a private company, to place a display of Rama… and the mayor of the area immediately informed the ministry. Requesting information about foreign affairs and how it should move. As a result, the municipality revoked the permission it had originally given a few days ago.

Given the pre-election phase Greece is going through due to Eurocalf, the ministry informed Rama’s counterpart that it would be preferable to postpone his visit after June 9. However, it seems that this was not accepted and Rama’s partner is looking for an alternative solution to form the meeting in SEF.

According to unofficial reports, which are difficult to verify as the Albanian side closes its cards and moves in the background, the Rama regime is said to have demanded the Peace and Friendship Arena and Syntagma Square after Kelatsi, which is very dangerous. And for security reasons.

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However, the government did not hide its irritation at the actions of the Albanian prime minister, and it became abundantly clear from Athens that no official meeting with Greek government officials was planned.

Edi Rama follows the school of “Erdoganism” and unfortunately the big powers are just as blind as Washington diplomats were 25 years ago when they presented Tayyip Erdogan to the White House and the State Department as a democrat and reformer. Will they make the same mistake a second time?

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