July 23, 2024

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Elden Ring: This is the history of the Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC according to a new rumour

Elden Ring: This is the history of the Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC according to a new rumour

These years Game Awards 2023 It is expected to take place on December 7 and there we will see again and finally know its final release date Downloadable content to Noble ringaccording to the latest rumours.

Specifically, as wccftech.com reports, YouTuber Elden Ring revealed that according to anonymous sources, FromSoftware intends to introduce “Erdtree’s shadow Expansion pack for Jeff Show, with a specific release date February 5, 2024. Of course, although he stresses that you should take the information with a grain of salt, there is evidence that the rumor is true.

More specifically, Geoff Keighley, producer and host of The Game Awards, recently revealed that he visited Japan in preparation for the show. Notably, during the trip, Keighley also stopped by the FromSoftware offices, reinforcing one of the rumors that DLC will finally be unveiled at the highly anticipated showcase.

To register, you can read our article about the Elden Ring by clicking here. Sakis Karpas, who edited the video review, said, among other things:

the Elden Ring at first can’t describe himself, and you feel like he’s losing some of his temperament Souls but very quickly gives you the biggest slap in the face of consciousness you’ve ever received from a video game. By the time you come to your senses, you’ve been thrust deeply and violently into the greatest, most immersive world the medium has seen in years.

There is currently no official release window for the DLC, as the only evidence we have is an image.

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Elden Ring is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

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