October 4, 2023

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Eleni Hatzidu: Trampled in Halkidiki

Eleni Hatzidu: Trampled in Halkidiki

Unexpected on the beach by Eleni Hatzidu

A few weeks ago, Eleni Hadjidu and Etocles Pavlo took a dream trip to the Maldives with their daughter, Melita.

Eleni Hatzidou: Flashback from the Maldives in a floral one-piece swimsuit!

The next stop for their family vacation is Halkidiki. Together, they all enjoy the sun and sea before returning to Athens and their professional commitments.

Eleni Hatzidou – Eteocles Pavlou: Picnic on a private island in the Maldives

The Breakfast @ Star host had a surprise surprise during her stay at the beach. As she revealed in a video on InstaStories, she got stung by a jellyfish.

Eleni Hatzidu: She poses topless in the Maldives and “stirs” Instagram

“How come the child didn’t sting. Suck. I don’t remember if I’ve been stung by a jellyfish before. Not on the butt, on the knee from behind. One line… ah it stung. Nothing stung me in the Maldives and I stepped on it In Halkidiki. Fortunately, Eteocles Pavlou has a full pharmacy everywhere and always, ”said Eleni Hatzidou.

Breakfast @ Star is back renewed and… funnier than ever!

Eleni Hatzidou and Eteocles Pavlou charge their batteries in order to return with greater force to the Morning Star region.

Breakfast @ Star: Watch the just-released subversive trailer!

In the subversive trailer released a few days ago, we saw the presenters of Breakfast @ Star enjoying their breakfast undisturbed, until at one point they welcomed five unexpected guests.

Eleni Hatzidou and Eteocles Pavlou return with a renewed and refreshing @star breakfast

Chef Stavros Varthalitis is the first to “invade” their table, followed by journalists Mari Argiadou, Konstantinos Davlos and Lily Behrakis. Recently, astrologer Asi Peliu made a stunning entrance, and as soon as I heard they were talking about planets, they wanted to take a stand.

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