October 4, 2023

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“Eli” frigates: Even after withdrawal, they can protect our defense!

“Eli” frigates: Even after withdrawal, they can protect our defense!

Written by our reader Odysseus Sacatus

Although recently “threatening” news about possible supply has been monopolized by maritime interests LCSto the shock of the delay of the cruiser program, to our possible and unlikely participation in it FFG Constellation, in this article we will deal with “Illy” class frigates are obsolete. Since we have them, we will fight with them today, but they can also protect our defense in the future. What is proposed Good It is the use of their “hell”, or rather, their weapons, even when they retire. A plan within the Greek capabilities, financially and logistically, and as a basis for the operational arrangement of the forces to which we are called. A plan that reshapes ceilings, structures and force composition and focuses primarily on effectively and effectively denying access to the entire Greek maritime territory and then delivering a decisive strike in the event of a threat. Let us now see what role these systems can play.

1. Anti-aircraft missile launchers MK-29

At a time when everyone is looking to strengthen their anti-aircraft defenses by spending billions, anti-aircraft systems containing the hulls of old frigates should not remain unused. Eight-shell launcher Mk29 It continues to provide its services to this day, even in… American Navy (For example, on aircraft carriers), but they carry missiles ESSM With a range of up to 50 km which is applied through its upgrade. We clearly have more money to spend on defense than America, so are we going to discredit them with the withdrawal of ships and at the same time pay billions to buy an exotic new medium-range anti-aircraft system?

Irony aside, it is known that our air defense does not have medium-range systems, or rather the systems it does have will be withdrawn.. Thus, 10 launch platforms, each with 8 missiles, are added (from frigates) using missiles ESSM, This would give the country’s defense at least 80 medium-range missiles for immediate use, to fill the gap in artillery. hook. After all, we are not talking about some strange invention when the “Arrow” system serves the Air Force with missile launchers bird, For which there is no connection to promotion ESSM it goes without saying.

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Sparrow missile launchers, for the Skyguard system, also serve the Air Force

Therefore it is recommended to use the operator MK-29 On a heavy vehicle (by modern standards). Something Greek companies can do for both the carrier vehicle, the command/fire station/radar vehicle and the support vehicle. Implementation funds will be a small portion of purchasing a new system. Such a program would also start an effort for a “Greek product” through which we could gain the knowledge to even manufacture our own version.

picture Eastern Aegean Sea with 10 launchers MK-29 Total load 80 ESSM Range 50 km

Aegean icon with 16 launchers MK-29

The above photo of the placement of launch pads already on islands in the eastern Aegean Sea shows the large gap they could fill.

In addition, if this program is executed in parallel with Hshe has By upgrading MEKO, we can still achieve significant economies of scale in terms of avoiding purchasing missiles for launchers MK-29 (at least in the initial phase), taking advantage of the Miko-mounted missiles. Allow the latter to be supplied ESSM roadblock2! Also, if we need more missile launchers for this “ground-based” upgrade, the US Navy can supply us with 4-6 from their inventory.

2. Launchers MK-141 With missiles RGM-84 Harpoon

Critical Weapon System II onFrom the “Eli” regatta are approximately twenty quad-launchers against surface targets with missiles RGM-84 Bayonet They’re also upgradeable, at a lower cost than getting new ones.

The logic in this case also concerns the use of launchers located on more than 20 heavy vehicles to create a powerful network of coastal missile arrays with four missiles on each vehicle (an idea that is already being implemented at the international level). Once again a product that can have a Greek signature. The missile’s current maximum range of 120 km may be less than 180 km Exocet But in the Aegean Sea, distances are eliminated due to the structure of the archipelago.

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A coastal group of Harpoon missiles

Even the current actual range is not up to date Bayonet (about 80 km) is sufficient, although it would be wise to upgrade to it roadblock2 which also features self-guidance beyond the horizon. In this case the operational picture is even with a limited range of 80 km RGM-84, covering the entire width of the Aegean Sea and reaching a large part of the alleged Greek exclusive economic zone.

Photo of the Greek Navy with 22+1 launchers MK-141 With projectiles Bayonet Range 80 km

The addition to the photo above is the beach bombers Exocet It makes the Aegean and Ionian Seas and part of the eastern Mediterranean a minefield. Combined with the launch pads of the Republic of Cyprus, it removes any doubt about the Hellenic Sea.

Picture with 22+1 launchers Member of Knesset-141 And launchers Hhe’s kidding

This, according to the writer, should be the new doctrine of the National Party. MImagine Blocking access to the Aegean, Ionian and Eastern Mediterranean region by rational use of the power brought on board by the “Eli” frigates. In this environment, our frigates, missile launchers, etc. By linking the system and the network-based administration, they become the absolute rulers of the region. An affordable solution, using materials available today. While it is impossible to neutralize such a dense, complex and mobile network harpoon/exocet, Which, in turn, will be able to “tire out” any attacker before engaging large surface units. If the above is added spike nLos Any act of war against us will have painful consequences for the aggressor.

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3. Torpedo tubes MK-32 modern9 With torpedoes mK-54

Width from fiThe Illy boat race doesn’t stop here. Their main anti-submarine weapon is torpedo tubes MK-32, and this is in danger of defamation, according to our dear custom. But the sacrifices of the Greek people should not be left to the euphoria of new enrichment that has influenced our decisions, especially recently, as our headache will soon not be the Turkish “Yelanzi” aircraft carriers, but rather the Turkish submarines and technology. AIP.

We therefore propose to place torpedo tubes from retired frigates (with or without upgrade), on surface ships – preferably with towed sonar – in order to break the Gordian nexus that our German “partners” have created for us through torpedo sales. ShsBnose 214 in Türkiye. Regarding any promotion Babcock It has already successfully converted an Australian Navy bomber MK-32 modern9 “Eli” class destroyers. hobart, To dismiss her blow up in90, which will also be carried by Kimon frigates.

The naval force structure that foresees 12 frigates and 6 corvettes, even if we implement it, cannot cover the entire operational area of ​​responsibility of the National Navy. But the Greek shipbuilding industry can offer solutions for small ships (manned or unmanned) in the role of fast torpedoes equipped with sonar and Drones/drones, Satellite communication, and by placing existing torpedo launchers. Between 10 and 20 of these units have been linked to the main fleet…

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