May 19, 2022

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Eric Zemmour’s Too Young “Reconquest”

Eric Zemmour's Too Young "Reconquest"

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Eric Zemmour, who received 10% in the opinion polls, received 10% of the vote, finished Sunday evening fourth in the first round of the French presidential election with 7% of the vote. A great disappointment for the far-right candidate who dreamed of a victory for Marine Le Pen. Back to this electoral setback.

Hidden voting in the end did not exist. It has long had around 10% of voting intentions in the polls and has been presented for some time as a potential third man, Eric Zemmour finally came fourth in the first round of the French presidential election with a score of 7 % votes. Away from Jean-Luc Melenchon who came in third. And very far from Emmanuel Macron, who once dreamed of taking on the ring in the second round.

Political culprit, random UFOs in one election? Eric Zemmour responds to his critics that he is not yet done with politics. “I won’t stop there. Flags raised in Trocadero It won’t go down, believe it on April 10th, when the results come out. We are the only ones who defended our civilization and our identity […]. There is something bigger than us, France. “But the disappointment is there. He replaced the voters of the ‘Great Alternative’ with his electors in favor of his opponent, Marine Le Pen.” A housewife over fifty is ‘good’ for petting cats. To invite his constituents to vote for himH.

Exploiting hidden voting as a tool

How do we explain this breakdown? First, there was no famous hidden vote that the candidate was counting on. The former editor-in-chief asserted, in fact, that pollsters had downplayed voting intentions for him due to the unprecedented nature of his candidacy. Also due to the reluctance of voters to admit to pollsters that they would vote for him. “It turns out that Eric Zemmour has been correctly assessed by the pollsters. The discourse about a possible hidden vote is a means capable of proving that there will be an electoral tidal wave to artificially maintain the dynamic”, France 24.

Adopted at the height of his campaign with 13 and 14% of voting intentions in the polls, the Messenger of National Identity saw his sovereign holdout faded with the arrival of the war in Ukraine and the question of buying power in the news. Then his intentions to vote fell. “When he started dropping to the polls, the far-right voters who once supported him could see that Marine Le Pen’s candidacy was stronger and back in her, ensuring a meaningful vote for the president.” Far right because they are voters you want to win,” continues the teacher-researcher in political science and co-researcher at Cersa (Centre for Studies and Research in Administrative and Political Sciences).

Many political flaws and negative image

He also made mistakes with dire consequences. The lack of clarity of the Ukrainian file, historical lies, especially in Vichy’s role in World War IIthe controversy launched on the anniversary November 2015 attacks, the finger of honor of an opponent during a trip to Marseilles, a gun aimed at journalists during the Milipol exhibition … Political flaws – and communications – characterized his campaign, and the candidate failed to reassure him. Even worse, “he suffers from a very bad image as a man so radical he is anxious for public opinion, according to Olivier Roquin. Hence he does not have the status of a statesman. Finally, he is incapable of extending his ideas to expand his constituency.”

Whoever welcomed those voters who took a “pioneering vote, a vote for the future, a vote of hope” still wants to believe they got it back! Maybe. All eyes are on the third round, the legislative elections are on the horizon, and the previous debate wants to believe it. On social networks, party executives invite legislative candidates to join the ranks. It remains to be seen “whether its 100,000 members were activists invested in the field or passing sympathizers”, Olivier Rogoin wonders. It is now up to the party to demonstrate its ability to find credible candidates and create a strong locally established network. It is not the easiest. Marine Le Pen has been working hard on it for years.”

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