October 4, 2023

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Evros: Definitive evidence that hijackers set fires unhindered – Newsbomb – News

Evros: Definitive evidence that hijackers set fires unhindered – Newsbomb – News

Evros is often unsafe because illegal immigrants usually reach our country from Turkey through burned areas. The message spread by the smugglers! At the same time, investigations into the cause of the catastrophic fire are in full progress, with data clearly showing the burning energy is linked to the circuit’s action.

Illegal immigration from the Evros side has not decreased due to the devastating mega-fire that has been affecting the entire region for 16 days, but it also seems to be convenient for smugglers. At the same time, evidence is growing that Evros was burned by human hands, which would facilitate illegal immigration!

In particular, authorities estimate that as traffic has increased rapidly, smugglers may set fires to keep officers busy and avoid arrests.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has indicated from parliament that the fire in Evros may have been caused by human hands.

In a video provided by OPEN, smugglers can be seen uploading videos of their “achievement” to social media with unflinching courage and… pride, that is, sending migrants through the ashes, unmolested, into Greek territory!

In the same videos, they show detailed maps of illegally moving dots… and advertise the system’s functionality!

Traffickers’ “fingerprints” under authorities’ microscopes

However, a front-page report in Sunday’s Real News noted that routes used by illegal migrant traffic circuits from Evros to Thessaloniki and the northern country had been systematically traced by the fire brigade and authorities over the past few days. EL.AS.

The goal is to establish how the dozens of eruptions that destroyed Tatia Forest National Park started almost simultaneously and what role illegal immigrants or smugglers may have played.

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Officials are looking at testimonies from residents and other evidence that “sees” in the debris.

The first assessments speak of human intervention: in some cases, the authorities find arson caused by negligence, but also by intention in others.

According to the revelation of the newspaper, the most important fact is that on August 19, near 15 fires that broke out almost simultaneously in an imaginary straight line, abandoned cars with license plates from Athens were found! After all, rings of smugglers are known to steal cars from Athens and use them to transport migrants.

After all, flows have been particularly high in the last few weeks.

They are characteristic evidences Residents of Real News, as they report:

“There are dozens of cases where smugglers choose a place to set fire, which is in the opposite direction from the area chosen by the rings of smugglers to transport migrants. In fact, they choose to set fire to places that are difficult for state services to access, so that it automatically becomes easier for them to escape to Egnatia Odos or any other place. .

Also, border guards often identify illegal immigrants in the forests of Evros before the smugglers’ links take over. There, they often light fires to dry their clothes or heat their food. This is also the cause of the tragedy of the 19 migrants who burnt to death in the recent massive fire, according to a forensic study, many of whom burned in their sleep.

After 16 days the fire subsides – the battle for scattered eruptions continues

Finally after 16 days the first positive signs come from the fiery hell Euro The fire is under control, according to official information from the fire service. Powerful fire brigades continue to work on scattered explosions.

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Overall they try 582 firemen and 129 vehicles with 16 foot divisions. They tried from the air to the last light 9 airplanes and 8 helicopters.

935,000 Acres Burned – New Satellite Image Shows Scale of Tragedy

According to new satellite data available today Copernicus Rapid Mapping Service her European CommissionLargest forest fire in recent years on European soil Euro.

Total area burned by forest fires, according to analysis of satellite data EvrosIt is the result of confluence of fire Alexandroupoli And nannysurpasses them 935,000 acres (Until 02.09.2023, 11:31 local time).

In total 935.000 For hectares of burnt area, we approximate these three numbers:

  • 440.180 str concern forest lands (47%).
  • 318.700 str concern shrublands (34%).
  • 81.140 str agricultural lands (9%).

Visualization of the burned area was carried out by the unit Weather forecast of National Observatory of Athens.

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