June 13, 2024

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Ex-Audi boss reveals all about diesel emissions fraud

Ex-Audi boss reveals all about diesel emissions fraud

to be recognized Fraud set up With diesel engine emissions, in exchange for a suspended sentence and fine, the ex-L Audi Robert Stadler.

As his lawyers point out, Robert Stadler stated in the Munich State Court that he accepts the deal proposed to him, in order to avoid further proceedings and imprisonment.. The fine that will be imposed on him is 1.1 million euros, while the confession must be submitted within two weeks.

Criminal proceedings related to the Volkswagen Group diesel emissions price gouging revealed in September 2015 have continued for more than two and a half years, while the former Audi CEO has been on trial since September 2020, along with the former head of the company’s engines and development director. Porsche Wolfgang Hitch and another engineer. Rupert Stadler has so far denied the allegations, while Mr Hatch and the engineer have admitted tampering with the engines. This, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, means that the statutory values ​​for exhaust gas were met during the tests, but not afterwards. Moreover, Mr. Stadler did not forbid the sale of the cars in question even after the scandal broke.

The court estimates, as reported by the Athens News Agency, that most of the charges were proven and that the defendants were threatened with imprisonment of one and a half to two years, which, according to the judge’s suggestion, could be suspended if he confessed.