February 26, 2024

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Father Alki Campano: “I see flashbacks of his last moments”

Father Alki Campano: “I see flashbacks of his last moments”

He says he is not angry with those who killed his child, that Alkis is not the last, and talks about the murder of Michalis Katsoris and the death of the policeman after the incidents with Olympiakos fans.

In a few days it will be two years since the death of Algis Kampanos ThessalonikiA victim of a murderous attack by Hooligan PAOK fans.

The father of a 19-year-old Aris fan, Aristides Campanos, spoke to thesstoday.gr and journalist Panagiotis AchlatlisStating inter alia: “Coming up! that is enough! The game unites, not kills!».

«Unfortunately for our family, time stopped on February 1, 2022. I see a flashback of Alki's last moments through what we hear and see in court. Even now, I can't understand why they got to this point when my kid was rooting for another team. Pain and sorrow remain in our hearts. We try to support each other. Every day I visit my son's grave. We call it Alki's house“, he said.

«Anger; Not even those who killed my child. I pity them for doing such a thing for such a stupid reason. We really want Alkis to be the last victim of fan violence. But it isn't. Unfortunately, we also grieved other children. The measures taken by the government were not drastic. They were sporadic and not implemented over time. Some of these were practiced for a while, but as a society we went back to the old ways. This is why we condoled Michalis and George. These measures were unilateral and aimed only at deterring fan violence, not in favor of long-term effective deterrence. We must fight to convince followers through the mental education of children. The accused and their families did not contact us. Perhaps this also shows their quality. Instead, we contacted parents and relatives of victims of fan violence: ENOUGH! that is enough! The game unites, not kills!“, he added.

«Fans must finally understand that they are not the protagonists of the game, like the football player or the individual athlete. They are trying to get this position in such a bad way. They are not good for football or their team. As for the families and relatives of the victims of fan violence, I completely understand their pain. There are no words to ease the pain of a parent who loses courage. All you can say is courage, strength and support in the family to overcome the loss“, he insisted.

«I am not alone in this struggle. In the region of Central Macedonia, we have created a committee headed by the Deputy Regional Governor for Sports and assisted by Ban Brelevic and Angelos Karistes. We try to find a common field of activity by contacting clubs, associations and even sports associations. To identify issues that concern not only the fans of Thessaloniki, but also the youth in general. Let us all work together to improve our society. I have several thoughts on possible actions. Visiting schools and colleges with the aim of creating awareness among the youth about the issue of sports violence. Let us finally understand that sport is culture and in a society it unites but not divides. To reward fans' morals and ideals. Applause the opposing team too. This is how we create positive role models. In future, all those involved in the PKK will come together to plan a series of activities. We look forward to a positive response from the world. Within the next few days, a program of initiatives will be decided in the framework created in memory of Alki. In February, we will see action in the form of concerts, interactive shows and other artistic events“, said the father of Algis Kampanos.

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«Tackling fan violence is not an individual or group effort. It is not only the concern of the state, but only the region, clubs or associations. We all have to fight. Civilization was born here, and here it must be revived. The game is coming together. It doesn't kill“, he concluded.