April 18, 2024

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First of the year with an unexpected adventure for Bakodimou – Kavoiannis in Pelion

First of the year with an unexpected adventure for Bakodimou – Kavoiannis in Pelion

“We imagined the moment when EKAM would save us and we would play in the news”: Maria Bakodimou describes the unprecedented experience of the first day of the year with Maria Kavogianni, a few hours after the revival in the home of Vassilis Charalambopoulos.

Maria Cavuianni’s large group of friends, With famous faces, favorite artists and presenters, the Milies of Pelion reunited to welcome the new year together. After the usual celebration of Maria’s neighbor, actor Vassilis Charalampopoulos, The next day, they experienced something they did not expect. The year 2023 has dawned on an adventure like never before. Shortly before they notified EKAM, Maria Bakodimou described it.


“Imagine turning on the news…”

In two adjacent homes of Vassilis Charalambopoulos and her Maria Cavoyani In Pelion, in addition to their families, their close friends and quite a few familiar faces are hosted again, among whom is also Pelion’s neighbor, Tania Tsanaclidu.

The revival changed before the year, and began to laugh and sing along with it happy maria pacudemo, who was in the company of the son of Ares, and did not even suspect what little longing they would experience a few hours later.


They planned to live as Maria described in her post, on a different first day of 2023. Without too much eating and junk and doing the necessary exercise by walking in nature. But the plan for a fresh start did not go well at all.

Cheerful and cheerful, the large group began to take a path in the woods until, as the presenter describes: “We said to walk on the mountain. We started at the station at Milies, crossed the bridge designed and built by Giorgio de Chirico’s father and climbed the mountain by a cliff to the taxi chapel. All this idyllic situation changed, when on the way back we lost our way in the woods and it was getting dark..


And he continues:

Panic was not allowed, we saved on mobile flashlights, found a signal to send a message for help and no one dared to find the edge alone. We imagined the moment when EKAM would rescue us and we would play on the news.

Finally we were able to approach the bridge from another path and find our way. Night had now saved us, but we suffered and went hungry. So we put it back in dumplings, pies, rolls, chocolate soufflé and drinks. Today’s goal seemed a long way off. Diet is better than tomorrow which is also Monday. Happy 2023, guys.”

Of course, we imagine this whole adventure was handled with the well-known humor of Maria Cavogiani and Maria Pacudemou. The two close friends had revealed in a recent televised interview on the “Hello” program, that they have little in common as characters, aside from a shared crush. These strong entertainment friendships aren’t at all intuitive, but neither are they impossible, as they are in their case.