February 27, 2024

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The best perfumes of 2022 signed by famous fashion icons

The best perfumes of 2022 signed by famous fashion icons

Billie Eilish Eau de Parfum: Alternative Billie Eilish created her own fragrance. Elish is an amber-scented fragrance scented with rich vanilla notes. Top notes include candied petals, warm berries, and mandarin orange. Unfortunately, the shape of the bottle, while impressive, is not very practical and it is a bit difficult to hold and spray on your skin.
Ariana Grande Cloud: One of the most popular celebrity fragrances, Ariana Grande’s Cloud is a youthful, fresh fragrance with warm, spicy notes. This pick stands out because it smells like candy, but is also woody and includes notes of coconut cream, praline, and orchid. Plus, we love the fun packaging and bottle.
Fenty Eau de Parfum: Rihanna has emerged again in the cosmetics industry, specifically in perfumes. Fenty perfume has a warm and spicy floral scent that will captivate you. Top notes include magnolia, musk, mandarin orange, and Bulgarian rose. We love that this option is long-lasting and comes in a simple, elegant bottle.
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker: Beautiful by Sarah Jessica Parker, released in 2005, really beautiful. With notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, and apple, this pick has a pleasant floral scent. The only drawback is that the cap comes off very easily – if you’re traveling with this bottle, we recommend putting it in a plastic bag in case it spills.
Paris Hilton, Love Rush: Did you know that Paris Hilton has created 29 fragrances since 2004? Love Rush is her latest addition to the collection and was released this year for her wedding day. Top notes include Italian bergamot, mandarin peel, and white apricot nectar. We love the packaging. One downside to this perfume is that it is currently only available online.
Glow by JLo: Glow by JLo is one fragrance that has stood the test of time – it was launched in 2002! Another bestselling celebrity fragrance, this one has notes of neroli, grapefruit, and neroli. When she created this fragrance 20 years ago, Lopez reportedly wanted to capture the scent of freshly laundered clothes. While we love the refreshing scent, we’re not fans of the packaging.

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