February 27, 2024

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Frame – framing the airlift of the Greek boat Al-Manbab from Djibouti to Greece

Frame – framing the airlift of the Greek boat Al-Manbab from Djibouti to Greece

Photographic documents from the plane that arrived Djibouti To transport a intubated Greek wounded, who underwent surgery yesterday in a French military hospital, is circulating on the Internet.

The condition was deemed serious, and he had to undergo surgery again within 48 hours. In the Planes His son (16 years old) also climbed. The flight arrived at 11:30 at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. This chartered civilian flight (Lifeline) was the second repatriation mission carried out by order of the governmentbased on reports.

The 59-year-old was transported under a tube Septic shock and hemodynamic instability in GSNA 401. He has been admitted to the intensive care unit and is scheduled for surgery in the next few hours.

“The planes were dropping bombs everywhere, I thought we were going to die”

He is still the little son of the unfortunate 59-year-old Vigil guard outside the hospital. “My father brought us here to the hospital,” he said, speaking to the television cameras, and added regarding his father’s health condition: they opened his stomach, Because they told us he was shot.”

In the French hospital, yesterday, they cleaned the wound. They did not touch her because they were afraid. Today at 18:30 he will enter the operating room and tomorrow morning at about 11:00 they will tell us how the operation went and what will follow.

Referring to what he tested This time in war-torn Sudan, The young man explained how he found the psychological reserves to help them woundedwho were unable to obtain medical care. “I did my best from the start To my parents and Mr. Marcus. I did everything in my power to help them with all my might,” the young man said characteristically.

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The conditions in which it prevailed Khartoum indicated: “We were without electricity 18 hours a day. We had 4 hours to charge cell phones, find ice water. We had no generators, no natural gas, nothing.”

Regarding the hell of a war, the young man’s reports were chilling. Planes came and dropped bombs everywhere. The house was shaking, and I thought we were all going to die,” he affirmed, closing, and throwing a black stone behind him once and for all. “I will never come back, Of course… stay away from this country And never return for anything … “.

It is noteworthy that the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Nikos Hardalias, is still in Aswan to coordinate and monitor the process of repatriating the rest of the Greeks, in constant contact with the Githa Operations Center, and he is still in Aswan.

It is reported that with the first flight arriving this morning on a C-27J Spartan transport plane of the Air Force at Elefsina Military Airport, 17 people (13 Greeks and 4 other spouses of Greek nationals) were repatriated to Greece, including 3 children and one other person. A 42-year-old casualty, who also transferred to the 401st GSNA, is dynamically stable with a good level of contact.

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