February 20, 2024

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Gianna Terzi: ‘This is the time when your strongest personality is born’ on battle with myeloma

Gianna Terzi: ‘This is the time when your strongest personality is born’ on battle with myeloma

A year ago, it was the first time that famous singer Gianna Terzi spoke about the health problem she has been suffering from for three years. During the quarantine period, he was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor and underwent surgery to remove it in Germany.

Through two posts, he expresses thoughts, feelings, and comments on the lack of education on how to deal with people with disabilities

In this topic, the beloved Gianna Tarzi returned again with two posts that she published in the past few days: the first on December 1, her birthday, and the second on the 3rd of the month, which is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Health problem and surgery – how he lived the health adventure

In today’s post, Gianna Tarzi posts a photo of herself sitting in a wheelchair, and in a long message describes her own experience:

“On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I would like to talk about my own experience, and perhaps with my words those who have faced spinal problems and their consequences will find common ground.

Eleven hours after the ependymoma, a rare tumor inside my marrow, was successfully removed, I was discharged from surgery. I woke up and lived the next few months of my life as a cripple from the waist down.

You’ve experienced what it’s like to not have your body defined. Don’t feel anything. do not walk. Inability to serve yourself. Make a small or even big plan to do simple daily things. This requires a lot more time and patience than before.

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I experienced the wheelchair, and how to deal with my body in relation to it. I learned to do anything with my feet from scratch, like a child, over the course of months. I didn’t know when I would recover, and to what extent I would recover, I just lived every day and did the best I could while I recovered.

Today, 2 years and 10 months after surgery, I have an “invisible disability” related to sensation in my lower extremities. After understanding the concept of disability from the inside and after talking to people who have suffered from disability throughout their lives, I found that what is missing is… the concept of equality. Yes, Also here.

Even if the state does not respond to the needs of people with disabilities – which is understood to be not even close to how things should be – is there education among citizens to treat people with disabilities as equals and not as inferior people seeking pity? ? nothing.

Far from the classic emotions of fear, embarrassment, rejection, prejudice mentality, separation and abandonment, pity “pity the poor” but glorifying “how they do it, they are heroes” is essentially a lack of respect, an inequality. Ask them yourself. For me, it all starts with unfamiliarity. We don’t know people with disabilities. We think they are “others.”

I’ll reset… She’ll say I’ll start over – the message I sent on her birthday

The other post was published on her 43rd birthday. The photo that she posted on her personal Instagram account shows her sitting on her back on a bed in the hospital ward, with a large scar covered with gauze behind her spine.

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In the caption she added below, the singer conveys a very powerful message. In particular, she wrote: “I’ve reset…it’s like starting over,” declaring that she is ready to keep going after an adventure that made her stronger.

“Today I completed 43 revolutions around the sun. On these days 3 years ago, during quarantine, I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor. An event that changed my life in many ways and forever.

I won’t go into detail about the diagnosis, surgery, recovery, and going on with my life in this particular post. I will only say the following. In those moments, those seconds, hours, days, months when you are at your lowest, at your weakest, when you are abandoned, then your strongest self is born.

The one who will decide what you throw away and what you keep for the rest of your life. Which will slowly build the most meaningful, true and meaningful relationship with you and the rest of the world.

I am grateful for the knowledge, pain, empathy, compassion, tears, losses, love, strength, hugs, family, friends, doctors, my pets, and my body!! And for the real “don’t give no fucks” experience like this teaches you! “I’ve reset…that means I’m starting over,” Gianna Terzi wrote.